charlie wants to bake

i knew he was quiet for too long. apparently i didn’t shut the door all the way and he wanted to help me bake. somewhere under all that flour is a 4ft long firetruck puzzle. that tub was full of flour.



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  • binks2003

    My kiddo would have not only been learning how to bake, but would be learning how to use a vacuum cleaner and mop as well. Poor you!

  • binks2003

    If he were my kiddo, not only would he be learning how to bake, he would be learning how to use a vacuum and mop. Poor mom!

  • NightCrone

    My daughter did the same thing one time, except under the flour was not a firetruck, but my English Bulldog.

    • MStoner

      OMG That is too funny.. I have a bully of my own, she probably would have just played in it and made it worse!

  • Shannon

    I love that I can see child locks on literally every door, drawer and opening…and he still managed to destroy the kitchen. Good to know my kids aren't the only ones that see those things as a small inconvenience.
    Also got a good chuckle out of the dogs horrified look in the background…almost like he's sure he'll somehow be blamed 😉

    • TheToddFather

      HAHA!! The child locks……totally.

  • Anonymous

    I did this to myself. I’m nearly 48 years of age. It wasn’t funny.