Twinados in the Game Closet

My twinados took out every game we owned in the game closet.



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  • Alexander

    Playtime: Serious Business.

  • curts

    I wouldn't even try to get those back in the boxes. Just start over.

  • lortabwb

    OMG…I'll bet that took HOURS to sort out!

  • lortabwb

    OMG…I'll bet that took HOURS to sort out!

  • lortabwb

    OMG… I'll bet that took HOURS to sort out!

  • Valdecir Carvalho


  • Sarah

    I hope they at least played with everything and left you alone for a couple of hours, instead of just trashing it in 30 seconds or less! *sigh*

  • Angelatwinmom

    LOL!! Twinados!! Love that. I've got that too. They do the same to their room every couple of days. I think I need to post a pic.

  • Kristi

    The formula for twins is not 1 kid + 1 kid= 2 kids messes…the formula is 2kids to the 2nd power=4 kids messes. My twins who are only 3 can destroy something faster than their 10, 8 and 5 year old sisters combined. I attribute it to the fact that they have teamwork and innate silent communication skills on their side. They can make messes like this because they coordinate the attacks using a sophisticated system of facial expressions, hand jestures and shoulder shrugs..thus carrying out the destruction with a minimum of noise that accompanies other child mayhem!

  • Anne Marie McLennon

    Woe. I’m tired just looking at this. Why?? Why?