The Nutella Incident

I got lost in a phone conversation with my best friendand after 5-6 minutes realized that I needed to check on my little guy, who was 13 months old at the time. This is what I found, and has since been known as “The Nutella Incident!”



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  • eleazilla

    lick that baby clean! I totally understand his actions. I, personally, did the same thing last night.

  • blazinlonghorn

    At least its chocolate and not poop!!

  • x77dude

    When I was about his age, I did the same thing with a bottle of molasses. Only I “ruined” the nice, freshly-mopped floor in addition to my (previously) clean outfit… not to mention myself. And mom was just “taking a few minutes to enjoy the newspaper.” Ha!

  • Natalie@mommyofamonster

    And look how clean he kept the floor for you. What a sweet little guy 🙂

  • Beverly Ellis

    after the last couple of pics i've seen, my first fear was that it was NOT nutella or chocolate.

  • Helsyd

    she looks so happy :o)

  • Laura

    what a cute little kid!

  • purplecow_403

    Haha your kiddo is adorable! Love that wide-eyed “am I in trouble?” stare. My little guy did the same thing with some powdered donuts that I didn't realize he could reach on the table 😀

    • Liz

      I think that's “the chocolate stare”. I have a photo of my daughter at about the same age, again with the white outfit; covered stem to stern in chocolate. It doesn't take much!

  • Victoria in ATX

    ahh, the kid knows the good stuff when he sees it! nutella is the bomb!

  • Sam

    No worries about the dreaded nut allergies.

  • John Wards

    We had a similar incident the first (and last) time we put our #1 to nap with just his nappy on in a heat wave…i'll let you figure out the rest…

  • Sheri

    oooh good thing he is not allergic to nuts!

  • cdayton

    ha ha ha…my 2yr old was quiet and then i checked on him and he was covered with nutella and thats because he was trying to hide his giant fake fish in the jar!!!

  • Rebecca Gilbert

    You can’t blame him. I’ve felt like doing the same thing myself.

  • Rebecca Gilbert

    You can’t blame him. I’ve felt like doing the same thing myself.

  • Shannan Ben Rosebrock

     This one is great and, oh so, familiar! He will probably be addicted to it now.  My 4yr old can still sniff out the Nutella, no matter where I hide it! I have found her with it hiding in the garage, sleeping in her bed holding an empty jar and, of course, sitting on the kitchen floor sharing it with her 2 year old brother!