Yes, That’s Poop

My son ruined his carpet… with shit.
Submitted by: Kelly



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  • Petri-Dish

    and this right here is the reason i'm happy we went with hard wood floors, lol.

  • LyndseyS

    I like how there is a “camera” right next to the poop! LOL!

  • SaraMartin81

    Im just sooooooo glad im not alone, lol… my middle sons nick name used to be Poopy Picasso… ;o)

  • Dizzy

    the one thing i learned from my parents, NEVER HAVE LIGHT COLORED CARPET IN A CHILD'S ROOM!!!

  • Liz

    Oh God, there's a poop stain and a puke stain in my kids' room. I feel your pain.

  • Ess_Bee

    Shit my kids ruined with shit

  • Natalie@mommyofamonster

    Oh dear God! You know what scared me most about this pic? My kids have all of those same toys. The same thing could happen here. ::Shudder::

  • Angela

    I love that you labled all the details in the pict… (in brown, lol!) My two year old daughter had the same 'shitty' incident occur during her nap time. She painted an entire wall, her carpet, a Fisher Price Loving Family doll house (miniature toys not spared!), her Ikea table and chair set and her Halloween costume that she was to wear that evening. By the time I discovered it, she was sleeping like a peacful angel, covered from head to toe in poo and tired from her all her laborious efforts. I just wonder how she was able to cover so much ground with only one poop!

  • Marilyn Tucker

    My son took his diaper off and shared with his little sister in the crib. The whole bedroom and crib smeared with poop!!! ugh

  • Anonymous


  • Lori Braswell

    I have never wanted to hurt my 2 yr old son as much as I did when I was awoken by an awful smell. He had come to me while I was cat-napping on the couch when I realized something was afoul. I woke up smelling poopy because it was on his hands and then on me. He had been watching tv in another room and decided to fingerpaint with poopy. He had smeared it on the tv and the area around the tv. When I found it, it had already dried on the tv screen due to the warmth. I was livid. I so wish I still had those pics. I, at least, could seek revenge at his wedding rehearsal dinner. ;-

    I had to call my neighbor to have her take him while I cleaned. It took and hour. My neighbor was great. When I told her what happened, she asked me if I wanted to hurt him. I told her yes. Ahahaha Much funnier now than then!!