The Tracks of My Tears

I hope my friend likes her new driveway after my 4 year old decided to make her mark…. 😀

Submitted by: Anya



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  • Hollie Wolf

    The ting that really sucks is you can't just smooth it. You have to actually put more cement in the holes. My dog did this the last time we poured cement at our house.

  • mam13

    I hope you offered to pay to fix your friend's driveway, Breederella.

    Maybe YOU think it's funny when YOUR offspring ruin other people's property, but I guarantee you no one else does.

    • Cimmy

      Maybe the friend was baby-sitting. You don't know. Stop judging and just laugh.

      • mam13

        Maybe people should be responsible for kids in their care either way.

  • jade4

    My friends driveway was fixed and NOT at her expense which is why I can laugh at it now. Believe me, at the time I was NOT laughing, and it wasn't until it was fixed that I found this funny. It was my FRIEND that took the picture NOT me, as that was the last thing on my mind at the time. I agree with Cimmy… don't be so judgemental and just smile at the pic for what it is.

  • jade4

    The driveway was fixed and NOT at my friend's expense, which is why we can laugh at this. I agree with Cimmy, don't be so judgemental. Believe me when it happened I was NOT laughing, and it was my friend that took the picture NOT me, that was the LAST thing on my mind. Only after it was fixed, I could laugh, and hopefully now, you can too. 🙂

    • TheToddFather

      It is very funny as far as I'm concerned! Any this site is FOR laughing at these things. Not judging

  • Cristine

    Of course it was fixed! It would be illegal to leave pot-holes like that!

    • Anonymous

      Those aren’t pot-holes. Those are foot-holes. Are there any laws against foot-holes in driveways?

  • Anonymous

    Hey everyone, as the owner of the home, things happen and everything can be fixed and no one was hurt, so just RELAX to all you who are so worried. It was really very funny!!!….. Cant say I will ever see that happen again….
    Cheers Annissa