If it weren’t for those Meddling Twins!!!

Ruh Roh!!  Run girls, you could be next!!! I t’s ok Scoob, I got your leg! Now where are mine?!!

This is what happens when you have 6 year old twin boys and they play ruff with their toys!



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  • Alicia

    At least they left the girls alone.

  • Angelatwinmom

    Sorry, don't blame the kids, have twin girl of my own and they have the exact toy. Scooby broke his leg at the joint about a week after we go it and Daphne broke in two. They are by no means rough, it is just a cheap toy.

    • Jennie

      I watched one of the boys snap Scooby's leg off and say ooops…Poor Fred was glued together twice before we pronounced him dead and this was the second set of these toys, the prior Daphne also broke in two (like yours)…Fred and Scooby were victims of ruff play as observed by mommy, the others not pictured were cheap toy breakage. Fred's original wounds that required glue were a result of slamming him off the ground because he “fell out of the mystery machine”.

  • nerwen_aldarion

    Run! Daphne Run! They already got Shaggy! You don't want to see what they did to him! LOL (BTW where is Shaggy?)

    • Angelatwinmom

      he finally found some herbal refreshment and is chillin out.

    • Jennie

      Shaggy is still MIA, not sure where he is, I think he deployed with the rest of the army men that we cannot find.

  • Kristi

    My 3 year old refers to her 18 month old twin brother and sister as the “ogre babies”…she has requested that we return them to the hospital for “one sweet girl baby that we will name Emily”..yes, she has put that much thought into trading in the ogre babies!

  • Bruce

    I honestly don't get it…they are small, plastic toys. If that's the most expensive things your kids ruined, count yourself lucky!

    • Jennie

      They have ruined more expensive things, we just didn't take pictures…THis just seemed really funny…and I do count myself lucky, they are great kids:)

      • TheToddFather

        This IS really funny.

    • TheToddFather