Bathroom Makeover

And to think I used to be so smug when reading this blog. After all my toddler never did anything like that.



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  • kazarie

    This looks like my bathroom after my 19 yr old son has been in it!

  • Dawn

    Considering you still have carpet in a bathroom, the toddler just did you a HUGE favor….now you can find the mold that's been hiding.

    • Tasha

      Carpet? Looks like hard wood floors to me….and a bath mat.

    • Cimmy

      Where do you see carpet?

      And really? Commenting on mold? Wow.

  • splatman

    That's a Makeunder. (the opposite of a makeover)

  • rjnkamsmommy

    We thought our 2.5 yr old was a WMD… but he seems pretty amateur now!