Enemy of Electronics

Water: the first enemy of electronics. The second? Toddlers. #fact



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  • MmeZeeZee

    At least it's a PC. Do you know how hard it is to re-attach Macintosh keyboard keys?

  • http://twitter.com/sdma49 sdma49

    Also middle school students!

  • sarahc

    I got to be an EXPERT at replacing laptop keyboards! $10-15 on Ebay and 5 minutes……

  • amikayh

    my son did that when i brought home my brand new laptop 5 years ago.

  • Tad

    My laptop looks the same way!

  • Tad

    My laptop looks the same way!

    • Dizzy

      so does mine… in fact i HAD the same computer in the picture…

  • http://idragosani.livejournal.com/ Brett McCoy

    Our cats became pretty expert at popping those keys off, too

    • Jenmyluv

      Ahh I was about to post the same thing… My cats seem to use my laptop as the 'starting board' for their high speed adventures..

  • MrsSandford

    10 bucks @ walmart… I've bought… a few. 🙁
    now if only they sold motherboards I'd be set!

  • Whitney

    That brings back too many memories. My daughter did that to my keyboard and when I sent it in for repairs in my modem they replaced the keyboard. THE DAY I GOT IT BACK she pulled off three of the keys, two of which broke the arms and couldn't be put back on. By the time I had to replace the computer about a year later half the keys only worked half the time.

  • http://www.mommyofamonster.com Natalie@mommyofamonster

    You know what I love most about this? You used a Twitter hashtag!

  • purplecow_403

    I've seen a lot of these ruined laptop pics on here, so I thought I'd comment that I think they sell a child keyboard that will fit over the regular keyboard. I'm not sure if it works on laptops, or where you'd get one, but it might help if you want your kiddo to be able to use the computer without risking losing a few keys! My best friend's daughter did it to her computer too.

  • 9d7732

    I was given one that looked like this. LOL Thanks goodness for computer tech friends! HAHA

  • 9d7732

    I have a laptop that looks about like this right about now. LOL Thank goodness for computer tech friends! LOL

  • aggiesmum

    my three year old did the same thing 3 times. ARGH!! lol

  • Kristin

    my son did the same exact thing lol we actually had 2 get a regular keyboard and set it on top in order to type lol

  • Anonymous

    my daughter did that to my new laptop when she was 1 i went to answer the phone for a sec then i herd some click sounds i didn’t think she knew how to push the lever to open it — i was wrong

  • Anonymous

    I have one that looks like this. Now I know I’m not the only one.

  • http://twitter.com/caljones caljones

    oh lord. i know the feeling there. the sapce bar on my latop is now my space button

  • Mato

    I am SOO glad i am not the only one with a key board that looks like that!!!