My white tablecloth (& my mind!)

Needless to say tomato sauce was off the menu for quite a while!



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  • Gretta S

    Um, serve a child tomato sauce on a white tablecloth? What were you thinking?

    • CaitlinK


      • Flo34

        OK but it's funnier when the kids' messing ups are a little less expectable

      • Brian

        It's not “Shit I set my kids up to ruin.” is it… White table cloth + child = asking for it.

      • Meg Stark

        They are when you have kids LOL

      • Bruce

        Yes. The point of the tablecloth IS to protect the table. So…what's the problem? You need therapy, lady!

      • Memphis Raynes

        Right, but what dumbass uses a white tablecloth and decides to serve tomato sauce to a toddler. Really? What did she think was going to happen?

    • Becky Jackson

      Absolutely agree. Who uses a white table cloth with kids in the house? I mean, EVER. Forget the tomato sauce. Kids and white table clothes don't mix.

    • Cimmy

      Judgmental much?

  • Tana

    Seriously? Take off the tablecloth before dinner…DUH???

  • melissa

    haha, funny, but you sort of had this one coming to you! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      She definitely had it coming to her.

  • zbred

    Maybe just nix the white table cloth with young children – after all tomato sauce is good for them! Just a suggestion…

  • MzzThang

    What kind of DOLT would ever use a white table cloth with kids? If you're so worried about protecting the table, use a PLASTIC table cloth (head to desk)!

    • Michelle Bacho

      My grandmother did…

  • Bruce

    Isn't the point of a tablecloth to save the table? Sheesh, some of the parents on here are psychotic!

  • Cristine

    Bleach is your best friend. LOL

  • Anonymous

    Wait, your child makes a mess while eating, so you punish them by refusing to serve that particular food? That’s just asking for food-relationship problems later on.