Back Seat

Congratulations to Brighid M. for her winning caption: “Some animals – like the squirrel and the North American toddler – will store food for the coming winter in various frequently visited places.”

The comments below and on Facebook are also very funny!  Thanks to everyone who participated in CAPTION THIS!

Photo submitted by: Tiffany



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  • Cookie

    Remnants of the snack remained, whereas the child was just gone…

  • Kate D

    Yet another reason why parents buy cars rather than lease them.

  • Keely

    Here you see the cheeze-its cowering in fear from the dreaded preditor known as the “child”.

  • Cheryl Luna

    This is just a back seat. Just wait until you've seen what they've done with the whole house!

  • Trish

    OMG, that's my car! Did my ex-husband send this in?

    • sj64

      Seriously? Now THAT is pretty funny you gotta admit.

  • Renee

    Watching Alvin and the Chipmunks before school has REALLY become a problem for us…

  • Megan

    When mom said no pets, they hatched a plan to catch a mouse.

  • Donna

    note to self… put more stinky socks in the car, it repels the dirt and grim.

  • JuliaL

    How do they get so much cheese into cheez-its? Stomp it in!!!!!!

  • Kate D

    The seat protector mat is like a single sandbag trying to hold back a flood.

  • Heather

    “Cheez-it! Get your own box!”… coz mine is on the floor

  • LitanyofBritt

    Mom said no wild parties in the house, but she never said a thing about the car.

  • RebeccaTroxell

    “Saving it for later” at a whole new level.

  • mama2monkeys

    “my germs”

  • supermom3

    Back Seat Shmorgishborg

  • supermom3

    Back Seat Shmorgishborg

  • James Hess

    When they can't reach the floor, it takes a special kid to grind Cheez-Its into the carpets.

  • luckyinlife


  • Veronica Hudon

    Oh please, that ain't nothing! Until you have had a toddler step on a milk carton and it not get noticed until the milk has spoiled into the carpeting you don't know what a mess is!

    • Rodney Larcombe

      My 48 year old mother has done that. Although it was in the cupholder as she was going over a speed hump. She is now in the process of trying to sell said car

  • webhill

    Rich in preservatives, these snacks provide an added level of floor-mat protection.

  • sizzlingtorrell

    wow!! did you see that squirrel mommy!!!

  • thisannethat

    Bwahaha! Grandma's car after an afternoon with her “widdle angel”!

  • strbrryjam76

    Floorboard casserole

  • strbrryjam76

    Floorboard casserole

  • Riveter_1

    My new normal…

  • kikithespunkymunky

    Good thing I put the floorboard mat under the car seat instead of on the floor. Thank goodness nothing got on the seat.

  • Cameron75

    Kid says, “Mom, I can't find anything to eat!”

    Mom says, “I know where you can look!!”

  • LitanyofBritt

    So e'rybody better lock up yo cars, hide yo cheez-its, and hide yo socks, cause they be messing up e'rything out here.

  • milltools

    If a kid were a Piñata, would this be the candy inside?

  • Isaac

    ♪ ♫ Snacks on the ground. Snacks on the ground. Lookin' like a parent with your snacks on the ground. ♫ ♪♪

  • kmdy

    I protected the seat but I to forgot to protect the floor. Now, where did I put those car mats? Drat! The kids destroyed those too!

  • Melanie Seguin

    It's a good thing she has those Seat savers!

  • carriemj

    What? Is there something wrong with this photo? I see nothing abnormal here …

  • Jackie

    Well, at least the seat protectors worked.

  • shayna72

    “What? We were saving that for later, Mom.”

  • trooperyork

    You know your a mom when….you can feed and clothe your kids for a week without ever leaving the van.

  • Cameron H

    Super psyched we got those car seat covers and back o' seat kick mats…makes a HUGE difference.

  • Denise Edmister

    Mom, the Cheez-It box threw up again!

  • Stephanie C

    seat mat…check—kick mat for seat…check—-floor mat….aww crap!

  • Lisa Lorigan

    And little Emma takes the lead in today's “Driving Mommy Insane” challenge by creating this mess in an astounding 3.7 seconds. You don't see talent like this everyday folks.

  • janetr

    Living with baby goats isn't all it's cracked up to be.

  • zenmamaem

    “Her mother told her gnomes weren't real, but she was determined to prove her wrong….the trap was set.”

  • dabbymac

    Dinner is served!

  • Stacy Stone

    In the case of a disaster, a family of four could live for a week in our car!

  • LuvThisPage

    Please!? How can I be entirely to blame? You are the one who put protective covering on the vinyl seats and overlooked the carpeted floors… Hello!? Gravity!!!!

  • Doodyfulls

    I see the problem! You tried to protect your car – act like you don't care and they will be nicer to it.

  • austexcynthia

    3-second rule be damned, I want those Cheez-its!

  • hushhh

    Another crime committed by the 'not me kid'. Can't wait till I find him, he has a lot of explaining to do!

  • MmeZeeZee

    This isn't a suggestion. I just want to say that that's way better than our back seat. :sigh:

  • lmclaurin

    No wonder the kids keep complaining they are hungry after having a snack in the car.

  • kenbo

    another mom banned from the car wash vaccum cleaner

  • Emilie

    Car sick?

  • youknowho

    It's not a mess, it's a buffet.

  • lindalu2

    Find the child with one orange sock, and you'll find the culprit!

  • lindalu2

    Find the child with one orange sock, and you'll have the culprit!

  • anna

    Really, I hate to say it, but that doesn't look that bad – my standards are forever lowered since I had kids!

  • Tad

    Haha- The North American toddler! I love your caption..they are wild little things aren't they?

  • Jenny Hornback

    looks like my daughters car.she has a two and three year old.

  • Jenny Hornback

    looks like my daughters car. she has a two and a three year old boys

  • Bruce

    Cheezits and french fries. Somehow, it's hard to feel an pity for a person who willingly puts this crap into thier child's body.

  • sammy378

    Oh, that's nothin'…..We got a couple of Happy Meals crammed into the seat crevices.