The Tissue Issue

I turned my back for not even 2 minutes and my little man tore though an almost full box of tissue.

Submitted by: Shayna



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  • Leigh Ann Torres

    I've purposely overlooked my twins do this. The 5 minutes of peace and quiet were well worth the 20 seconds it took to pick up.

  • Shabana

    he is so cute! but i feel for you…it's happened to me before too…it's like what do i do with the tissues now? fold them back into the box? smash them back in? just throw them away? so annoying! but gosh, he's a very cute little guy 🙂

  • NolaBean

    What a CUTE little boy! No wonder he's mischievous. I always say the cutest ones are the worst 😉

  • Anonymous

    hahaha been there a few times.

  • GingerMae

    my son did this with a box of baby wipes. climbed up the couch to get them off the shelf, opened them and pulled them all out and threw around the livingroom all in the 2 minutes it took me to go to the bathroom. He’s 15mths