Freshly Cleaned Floor

….my freshly cleaned floor.

This serves me right for daring to have a sleep in!



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  • beclea143

    De-ja-vu! Our kids have three times now done this-first was powdered sugar, then corn starch, then-just when I thought they knew better then to get into the food-a full bag of flour….I feel your pain!

  • LisaL

    This has happened to me with Ovaltine

  • Alana Franklin

    I like that this kid looks like he's about to do a full-on river dance.

  • Cristine

    You slept in and they got dressed all by themselves? Including a hair Barret? LOL weird..

    • Cherry Montgomery

      They are actually both still in their PJs (my daughter’s pjs are old clothes). Her hair clip? Well, I let her out of her cot and clipped her hair back. I settled them in front of the TV with their toast while I tried to have my sleep in, and you can see what happened. Weird? Not really…