Facebook Caption Contest Winner:  Liz L. with 38 “likes”!!  Congratulations!!

Liz L. with 38 likes: Blue paint $20.00. New shoes $25.00. The cost of replacing your hardwood flooring? Way more than your credit card will allow.

Runners up:

Susie T-H with 33 likes:  one foot. two foot. red foot BLUE foot!!

Adam H. with 29 likes:  Someone’s been watching too much “Blue’s Clues”…·



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  • Hollie Wolf

    It is a good thing that if it is latex paint it will just scrape off will a credit card like thing. Grocery store customer cards work really well for this kind of thing.

  • Me Not You

    Goo-Gone works wonders too, as do magic erasers. I think that every parent should get a trial size of each of these at the 18 month well baby appointment lol.

  • Andie

    I am not sure if it works on paint, but I do know that Deep Woods Off will get Sharpie marker out of almost everything… Spray on, let sit a few minutes and then wipe/scrub away.

  • Katie Woodlieff

    You definitely shouldn't be replacing your floors over this… It will come up pretty easily.

  • Beanskank

    Reminds me of the time my younger sister dropped black hair dye all over my parents' BRAND NEW home which had light stone cream tiling. The cream tile was porous as was the grout. Needless to say, the dye never came out and became a huge black stain.

    Parents have not gotten the whole bathroom RETILED, yet. It will be a costly and time consuming project.

    My sister was about 25 when she did this.

    At least the blue footprints are small and cute!

  • Trey600rr

    Blues Clues!

  • Christopher Mauro

    That actually looks pretty kickass. I say keep the paint.

  • Christopher Mauro

    That actually looks pretty kickass. I say keep the paint.

  • JimTX

    Be vewy vewy quiet. It is Smuwf season, and I am twaking the elusive wesidential dwawf smuwf!

    Elmer Fudd

  • Catherine E

    This is the best SMKR ever. I would almost say that that is a keeper. Almost. lol

  • Kayla*

    My clue is pointing this way….

  • Dorfman

    oh my gosh…I hope someone told them about “Goof-off”. It takes latex paint of any surface.

  • patti brock

    What is blue and smells like red paint? Blue Paint

  • Anonymous

    A CLUE A CLUE!!!!! Because they’re who’s clues? BLUE’S CLUES!!!!

  • Anne Marie McLennon

    I think I know which way the Blue Bandit went!