Lip Gloss is Pretty

This is what happens when your 5 year old leaves lip gloss within the reach of her 2 year old sister’s crib.  Why did my 5 year old have colored lip gloss to begin with?  Thank the mom who put that in a birthday party goodie bag!  LOL 🙂

Submitted by: Jennifer



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  • sasha33

    Unless I could distinctly detect a fruity scent upon entering the room I for sure would've thought it was blood! And I'm not sure why any mom would put lip gloss in a 5 yr old's goodie bag. They eat it till they're at least 7 or 8, no? LOL Here's to Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser.

    • rcpalmerii

      7 or 8? My 15 y/o still does! LOL!

  • Bunnylux

    OMG, my five-year-old did this to her face only a few months ago! Somehow she'd smuggled it out of the house in one of her many cute purses, and when I caught sight of her in the rear view mirror I just about rear-ended the car in front of me… LOL

  • MmeZeeZee

    I got it in a THREE YEAR OLD'S goody bag. The bonus was she had snacks ready for three days. I didn't even have to do anything.

  • ilovebaltimore

    OMG, I HATE when parents put glosses/balms in goody bags! My 5-year-old has more than I do thanks to too many kid parties. :/ And, yes, she smears it all over her cheeks, nose, and even into her hair. 🙁

  • M

    You're the mom. Just say NO and throw the lip gloss away if you don't want your 5 year old to have it. Blaming the (admittedly stupid) mom who put it int he goody bag is just lazy.

  • blue fire

    Hmm I dont know why but when i see this… all I can think is “RIHANNA?”

  • Anonymous

    Why did you let your child keep an item that you don’t approve of?