Shorn Dolls

Luckily the trail of hair led to THIS rather than bald children.

Submitted by: Jennifer



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  • Ashley

    No, more dollies for you kid! lol

  • TwinMommy2

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is hilarious. Open toilet insert $150 worth of barbies! My older sister and I did this when we were about 5 and 8 to our barbies! My mom didn't buy us anymore for a LONG time

  • splatman

    But kids won't stay bald 4ever. Dolls, that's another story.

  • purplecow_403

    Love your comment… bald children would have been a lot scarier!

  • tinkerbird

    I was the kid who had bald dolls and a nearly bald head!

  • Wendy McKlemurry King

    My mother threatened to stop buying me barbies if I didn’t stop cutting all their hair off, lol.

  • Bobby Jean

    Ahhh … brings back memories! I saved a couple of the original (1959) Barbies from my childhood. When my own little girl started school, I thought she might like to play with them. By the end of the day, my Barbies had an extreme (think: Cyndi Lauper) makeover complete with shorn, dyed hair and brightly colored nail-polish makeup …