Eggsperiment on the Kitchen Floor

My daughter conducting an eggsperiment on the kitchen floor … she learned this technique from her older brother, who has thankfully grown out of it into more advanced ways of messing up the house!

Submitted by: Luke



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  • sasha33

    Oh no! My three year old did that and by the time I cleaned it up, his 8 month old sister started feeling sick. Long story short: 105 degree fever, 1 week in hospital, and broviac surgery to administer antibiotics for about a month to cure salmonella poisoning…

  • Ashley

    Yeah, the 1st thing I thought about was salmonella poisoning. What might give an adult a few days of vomiting and diarrhea might be serious for a child.

    Case in point the answer before me.

  • sasha33

    And? Throw in the fact that I was a single mom working at a coffee shop full time to make ends meet. The doctors said I couldn't go back to work for two weeks because as her caregiver, I was a “carrier” of salmonella. What an ordeal for five minutes of fun smashing eggs everywhere…My son that did it is now 12 and he's still grounded…ok he's not but he should be!!