My Dog’s Dignity!

My dog’s dignity. Have you ever seen an animal more humiliated by geting her nails ‘done?’ Way to go, Son.

Submitted by:  Jami



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  • kz3

    I’m more concerned that the boy is taking such an interest in nail-painting.

  • Tash

    At least your dog is a girl. My (male) dogs nails are consistently pink, good thing he doesn’t mind… and he does look kinda pretty!

  • melissa

    my son is just like this…. loves to have his nails painted and dress in drag when it is teaparty time cuz its a special thing lol! any other time he is all about the dragsters and burnouts and tractors and bigboysandboxshit. fair and balanced ha

  • serenissima

    What a cute dog!

  • serenissima

    Aw, what a cute dog!

  • Amber LaPointe

    I was 15 and would do this to our Lab. But he would sit on my bed and enjoy it. I'm sure if my dad knew about this site a similar picture would be up of myself and Otis.

  • Laine

    Future cosmetologist in the house!

  • Sarah

    haha love the dog's expression

  • rachelp

    At least he didn't try doing that to a cat. Their dignity is paramount.

  • Desiree Denakis

    What a priceless picture! Awesome!

  • purplecow_403

    Cute picture!

  • Cristine

    My cat would hand me his paws when his fur was too long and he needed a trim. LOL

  • Anonymous

    This is cute

  • Anne Marie McLennon