Thanks to my 22 month old for “helping” Mommy with the laundry. However, we should all learn the lesson that, while washable diapers can be disposed of, disposable diapers cannot be washed!

I’m glad to say my husband and I managed to scrape all the diaper gel out of the washing machine, shake it out of all the clothes that were in the load, and scoop it out of the drainage sink. We hope.

Submitted by: Rose



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  • Stephanie

    Next time run the washer with a cup or two of salt, not that I know from experience or anything 🙂

  • PJsMommy08

    hahahahahah I HATE that gel crap it grosses me out i cant even touch it

  • MommyAndersonLA

    Been there done that!! Usually after one has made it from the diaper bag into the laundry hamper…thank goodness they were clean!

  • Kristin

    I’ve had that happen. more than once. You’d think after the first time I’d learn to look inside the pajamas to see if the night time pullups had been disposed of properly.

  • Ashley

    Shes really cute! Looks like trouble though…haha

  • Justin


  • Andie

    Just wait until you don't catch the crayon or chapstick in a pocket and it goes into the dryer… the melting action is probably as big of time suck as the diaper in the washer.

  • nicolep1130

    I'd like to admit that I just did this b/c my 9 month old was playing with the diapers by the laundry basket and one just slipped in and made an appearance in the load of my WORK CLOTHES so the gel was all over my clothes and washing machine, i had to scoop all of the reminents out with my daughters shirt and then hope that it all went away in the dryer..which it did not, so i'll be walking around work a lil more discheveled then i normally am this week.