My Former Figure

I didn’t think much of my body before I had the baby, now I wish I had it back.
(I’m the one in the football shirt next to my dad)



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  • Beverly

    oh my sister how i feel your pain. size three to much more than that =(

  • SA

    Well, your figure is not gone forever. You just need to work a little to get it back.
    Breast-feeding for 6 months tend to drain the fat deposits and is a natural way to lose that baby weight, start walking with the baby in a pram/stroller. Cut back on dietary fat and carbs and make sure you get more fresh veggies.
    You will have your figure back in no time!

    Cute baby by the way….

  • BeeBear

    Amen. I found a great site that you should check out. It’s all mothers who post their pre & post pregnancy shapes. There seems to be an unspoken, unseen club that we all belong too. You’re beautiful & have a beautiful baby to show for it. 🙂 All the best!

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Awww but the baby is such a cutie!

  • Dawn

    Aww, but your baby is so beautiful! Certainly your body is but a small sacrifice.=)

  • tessa67

    What a ridiculous thing to say, especially when there are thousands of women who are not as blessed as you. Women who would gladly gain 300 lbs just to be able to have a baby of their own.

  • Sarah

    I'm sure she isnt REALLY mad about it..and hey, some women in places like LA have a surrogate to carry their child so it won't mess up their body – crazyy

  • Neba Nebet

    Aww, no, you're gorgeous! Plus, mommies who are a little squishy are great for hugs and cuddles. 🙂

  • Hannah Horton

    Don't be so mean to her! Having a hard time coming to terms with your new body is a NORMAL part of having kids! Lighten up people!!!!!

  • ilovebaltimore

    Tessa67, your comment is unduly harsh. Millions of women the world over feel as this poster feels. I am one of them. This is NOT a site for judgemental people.

  • Cristine

    You're beautiful. <3

  • lpzgrn

    I’m in the same boat Sam.  I went from what seemed like a lifelong 125lbs to 210lbs.  I was the one eating salads while women with the basketball tummies were downing Big Macs.  This time, I went down to 175lbs almost right away within 2 weeks of the birth.  My husband says there’s no way I’m eating 50lbs worth of calories on a daily basis to sustain my weight this high.  I’m lucky that due to a little height, people think I’m around 145.  My boy is 6 months now.  Three years after I had my girl in 2007, my body just “woke up” one day & I started losing weight with no change in diet or exercise.  I lost over 10lbs in a week for no reason at all.  Then I got pregnant right around that time & hello weight gain again.  I haven’t worn shorts since 2007, I avoid being in photos, & never shop for clothes because it’s frustrating (nothing looks quite right) & I keep promising myself to lose the weight.  When I did buy a pair of shorts for an upcoming trip, they looked HUGE like the ones my large aunt & grandma used to wear.  I’m certainly not depressed & don’t have a low self-esteem.  I’m not where I want to be either of course. I feel the effects of the excess weight on my knees & joints.  When I used to go to the gym to work out, they would call me on the overhead speakers to pick up my 2yr old because she was freaking out.  Spouse works two jobs, my parents are dead & his family lives out of the country so there’s no help & no money to hire a babysitter every other night to exercise.  I had a tubal so I’m done with childbearing.  My 6 month old is settling through the night now so I’ll have to start waking at 4:30 to et an hour’s exercise before it’s time for me to prepare for work.  Hopefully you’ve seen some progress since you wrote this posting.  🙂

  • Katarina

    And after having a kid, is when you’ve first heard that having one changes your body shape, right?