My Gibson SG Guitar

I came home one day and found my Gibson SG which I’ve had since I had for over 10 years in this condition. No one admitted to knocking it over.

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  • Paola

    OMG…I´m so sorry for your loss =S


    WOW. my heart goes out for you….ouch.

  • Greg

    Got yourself a little Pete Townsend there. Won’t Get Fooled Again, eh?

  • Tiffany

    Been there. Although it wasn’t our guitar… it was a friends my husband was playing around with (which made us feel horrible and we ended up buying it off him). Cracked headstock… but at least once it’s fixed it’s not likely to crack again 🙂

  • Greg


    My condolences.

  • AK

    Same thing happened to my guitar. In my case, my dog did it. Luckily I was able have it repaired. It will never be like new again, but at least it is functional.

  • Karen

    Just punish all of them until a name gets coughed up.

  • RD

    I could just cry for you. How awful.

  • ColoradoDan

    yup, my son got mine, same break. 2 part epoxy…5 minute working time, 24 hours to dry, and a life of ugly drips…but it plays. almost as good as…well, good enough.

  • Sassy

    Oh hell no.

  • Jenn

    That mysterious child “no one” also lives at our house!

  • Heather

    Oh my goodness. How much berevement time did you need from work for that one? Seriously I think my husband would give away which ever child did this to one of his guitars.

  • Sean

    Ahh! That one hurt the most of anything I've seen on this site. It's got the devil-horn cutaways!

  • Eric Walli

    Gibson necks do that, unfortunately. Ed Roman's written about this phenomenon and claims that they never break that way again after they're repaired.

  • Glenn Muller

    SG's and Les Pauls are notorious for breaking like that.

  • mum2gr8byz

    oh man, that made me cringe! I think I'm going to go lock my guitars back up on the closet shelf! lol

  • Jack Carroll

    i'm so sorry for your loss

  • Anonymous

    Three days after I bought my 11 year old son that very guitar he knocked it over… that could be a picture of the result. The repair shop called it “The Standard Gibson Head Break”. $200 later it still sounds awesome, but the shop refused to take my firstborn as a barter payment.

  • happydog

    Someone would BE GROUNDED FOR LIFE over that one. PAIN WOULD HAPPEN.