My Yard…

We told our 4 year old to clean his room, and instead of walking a few feet to put it where it belongs he walked in the other room and threw it all out of the second story window.

This post was submitted by: Jessica



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  • Jenny

    I’m sorry but that is hilarious

  • Eileen

    That’s what I call thinking outside the (toy) box!

  • April

    You sure that’s your yard?… it looks like mine… 🙁

  • Beth

    My brother did the same thing when he was 3, except he threw all his books out the window into the swimming pool! Mom was so mad!!!!!

  • nmiller855

    It must be something about 4 year olds. My daughter threw all her toys out of her bedroom window the night before Easter. The worst thing was that my ex-husband saw them when he was hiding Easter eggs & didn’t say anything about the huge pile of toys outside in the yard.

  • What?!

    Did he think he was being cute? I can’t imagine doing this as a child. My parents would have justifiably taken away for a suitable period of time every toy that I’d thrown out the window.

  • Ann Hooker

    1 2 3 Magic and I mean real quick. It is a training video manual for wild animals age 2 to 14. Check it out at the library and watch it with the other parent in private and use it. Good luck.

  • Megan

    this is the best one i’ve seen in a while 😛 very creative kid.

  • Andreas

    Oh, I think I would have drug the trash bin close to deposit them inside the container.

  • Kat

    Funny and all, but a little concerned that your 4 year old could have fallen out of that second story window…

  • Beverly

    i would say those toys are destined to be goodwill toys lol “you don’t want em? fine – someone will”

  • Amber

    I did this to my parents several times when I was a child. I believe it’s like a right of passage for some families.

  • RJ

    Why does a 4 year old have access to an open second story window — without supervision? Does that scare anyone else?

  • suzie

    at least he didn’t throw himself out the window???

  • Kristen

    Wow people, really?! Lighten up! I can assure you that said 4 year old was perfectly fine after this. As far as RJ goes- no, I’m not scared.

    This is really quite amusing for those of us who haven’t experienced this! Thanks for sharing this with us (here and on BMLM, as well!). I LOL’d both times!

  • Duncan

    Well, the room is clean now … what do you want! lol

  • Jessica

    the window is too high for him to fall out of, we had the second piece open he had to throw them over his head to get them out the window, so there was no danger in there.

  • Kim

    WOW! You people are unreal! If you are that paranoid, maybe you should get off the computer and check into some counseling! Im sure there is a 12 step program out there for ya! Geez!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jen

    my son did this around the age of 4 too, except it was all his sister’s toys & not his own. I can laugh about it now, but wow was I mad at the time.

  • Katie

    I would take this as a sign he doesn’t want any of this stuff – box it up and give it to a mission or donate it to Goodwill. I doubt he’ll do it again.

  • sara

    Wow, I would have loaded it all up in the car and drove it to the goodwill.

  • dmccaugh

    My kids have soooo done this!!

  • Sarah

    hahahahahahahah thats sooooo funny

  • Trey600rr

    time to break out the lawn mower and bag the yard lol

  • Sheila


  • purplecow_403

    Smart lil booger… hide the evidence! Works till someone goes outside haha

  • Chromededome

    When I was 6 (with the help of 2 friends) I tossed every single thing of my sister’s that would fit through a sencond story window.

  • Kirk Teeters

    “Flung Shui!!!”

  • Tonya Stanford

    hahaha! my kids did te same!

  • Anonymous

    When I was little, I put everything in the bathtub & closed the curtain. My mom has reminded me of this MANY times over the years.

  • Kathy Cook

    LMAO my two boys did this no less than 3 times…the final straw was when a well-flung VHS tape broke my husband’s front windshield on our car!