peeled the wall down to the sheetrock

My son is almost three. He shares my predilection for picking at edges. Took 16 years of paint off the wall, down to the plaster, and I swear it looks like a Beatle.

Thanks, Kid!



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  • Lacey

    is this really what my future has in store? my kids both pick at the edges of things too, they have peeled the paint off of the window sills in the same way. I feel your pain, but at least mine is hardly as noticeable!

    • St_Holyshi

      I'm sure the last three months have answered your question, and brought forth a thousand others. I imagine they've been as educational to you as they were to me. That's the thing about parents. We know, you know?

  • Kisha

    Haha, a Beatle! I guess they ARE old enough to have white hair now (at the least the ones still living). Funny!

  • MrsSandford

    lol well at least now you have a good excuse to repaint it with a nicer more durable colour 🙂

    • St_Holyshi

      The room now belongs to both the kids, a boy and a girl. It was either paint the room half pink/half blue (gag), go with a yellow that was simply nauseating in that space, or choose the warm green that we did. There were, of course, other options, but the paint budget went toward diapers and such. And I'd rather not put the kids through a year's worth of “durable” paint vapor. But, thanks anyway 🙂

  • irishgumbo

    Which one? The talented one? heh.

    • St_Holyshi

      Actually, I was thinking Ringo.

      • irishgumbo

        Ya know…I can see that now. Good call!

  • commonsense1976

    my question is this: why was your almost 3yr old left unsupervised long enough to do this?

    you better be thankful he/she didn't go into anything that could harm him/her.

    • CaitlinK

      Again, leave these kinds of comments at the door.

    • lilone

      My kid could do this in the time it takes me to go to the bathroom to pee! It doesn't take long for a 3yr old to cause mass destruction.

      • raeann

        Lol! Mine too!! One day in the time it took me to pee I found my almost 3 year old son had ripped up an entire package of Nori seaweed for sushi that was in the kitchen pantry, and then ran in the hallway off the living room, opened the linen closet, tore down all the linens off the 3rd shelf, climbed up there and curled up on it for a nap, I guess. 😀

    • got4kids

      it's quite apparent 'common sense' has no children or NO LIFE

      • commonsense1976

        Actually, I have a daughter and I babysit quite frequently. Hard as it is to imagine, I actually keep an eye on my child and children I babysit. Other than spill accidents, getting food on things, or getting too happy at craft time, my child has never damaged anything I own. She's 16 now, so she'll probably pay me back by backing into a tree or into another car when she starts driving.

        • MrsSandford

          well at 16 I should HOPE she wouldn't be peeling your walls.. and babysitting LOL

    • St_Holyshi

      YOU better be thankful I didn't read this three months ago.
      Whenever the moderator gets around to approving my actual reply to this, you'll see how I cut my natural venomous response to such holier-than-thou ridiculous parental snobbery short, preferring to respond with actual facts.

  • angie

    they do all sorts of thing while you’re not looking. Blink once and BAM! Meyham and annihilation!

    Welcome to parenting =)

  • Diane

    It does look like a Beatle! the 1960’s cartoon of Ringo!

  • eric

    Ringo ! ! ! !

  • splatman

    When you repaint, you'll have to “feather” the edges of the old paint, else they'll show through. Or just have your kids peel the rest of the wall first. Then put some molding around that door, so there's no repeat performances.

  • jpeck20

    I say your daughter was trying to tell you that she doesn't like wallpaper. Don't blame her it a pain. I am no stranger to a child doing this to me. When you are picking up one destruction they are creating another.