Smoosh the Cat

My almost 2 year old daughter colored the kitten when I was in the shower. She was asleep when I went in, but woke up before I was done.



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  • x77dude

    looks like kitty was green with envy, so to speak…

  • mommarose

    Is that marker? Just curious. As the mom of two tots, I dreads showers, and plan them around my 2 tweens availability to watch the little ones. Even so, bad things still happen. I think I may become showerphobic if this keeps up! lol!

  • GotInsulin

    OMG! This happened to my kitten, too, but my daughter was 4 at the time. Funny, she also picked green.

  • Gene

    Kitteh! gonna find a shoe or two in the near future. Hope it is not yours …

  • Gene

    Kitteh! is gonna find a shoe or two in the near future.

  • AM Shaffer

    Words of advice: Always put a baby gate in their doorway, before doing anything that requires your full attention, when they're napping.

    • purplecow_403

      I LOVED my baby gates! I had one for each room haha. That way one of the child-proofed rooms could be like a huge playpen. Works great!

    • GingerMae

      problem with babygates is they learn to climb them. I know a child that was climbing gates before he was 1.

  • KariB

    Holy crap, cutest kitten evah.

  • Beanskank

    Ramona Quimby in real life! She painted the neighbor's cat! The kitty must have been traumatized but it IS funny and endearing…

  • Sheila

    Poor Smoosh. 🙁

  • KCSmommy

    Poor Kitty Cat!!

  • me

    Stop giving “advice”. This site isn't for “advice” it's for being able to laugh when “sh*t happens”.

  • Katie Huggins

    This reminds me of a night when I was working at an emergency vet clinic and I got a midnight call from a frantic mother whose daughter and her slumber party friends had decided to superglue bows onto the cat. (I told her to cut them off and the cat would be fine, but I wish I’d asked for a picture…)

  • Jessica Guinan

    LOL, same thing happened to my dog once. My dad was throwing easter egg dye out the back door into the grass, so as not to stain my mother’s brand new white porcelain sink, and the dog sneaked out under his legs & was dyed blue & purple for a few weeks! 

  • Benjamin Kopicz

    He is saying “Mommy-Why?” That Poor Poor Thing…

  • Ann Wahlström

    Kitteh says: “If I had opposal thumbs….”