Sh-t Barbie Ruined

We thought we were so smart. No giant glass TV screen 3 feet off the ground for us. The $1400 digital projector was safely hung from the ceiling, far out of reach of our 4-year-old twins.

We didn’t count on flying Barbies. At least she had her crash helmet on.



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  • Nicci Morales

    Why is it the barbies always end up naked?

  • Sweetpee2010

    There all cool looking. Love them all. made my Day.

    Susan Moore

  • Libbie

    Hrm, makes me think. My son smashed our beautiful 48 inch flat screen when he was 1.5….and my husband thought that “ohhh…we will be so smart and get one instead!!” we have yet to, but damn, this makes me rethink that decision!!!

  • desikaveryn

    My heart goes out to you as a mother of twins as well. Man that sure cracked me up to see Barbie's crash helmet because, ya know, safety first…