Broken Heart

My seven year old girl stepped on these hearts that used to be interlinked. I hand carved them for my wife fifteen years ago.



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  • Dana

    That is soo sad .. I imagine it took awhile to carve them being 1 piece of wood.

  • Alton

    @DubstepDinosaur You must not have children. Yes, they spent 15 years on the floor, until the 7 year stepped on them. What probably happened is…. they were somewhere safe until “someone” left them in a vulnerable place. Then the 7 year old came by and was not paying attention and stepped on them.

    • DubstepDinosaur

      Alton, I do have children. But I'm smart enough to keep precious items out of the way where children cannot reach them.

      • Krewe Maynard

        Famous last words. We'll be looking for your broken stuff post.

        • DubstepDinosaur

          Keep on wishing. Not only do my children respect my property, I make sure it's always in a safe place.

          • Adrian

            Wow everyone cares so much about how safe your items are from your kids.

            • DubstepDinosaur

              Apparently some do because it's obviously getting under their skin.

              • shedgurl

                no, they don't care….what IS gettting under their skin is your high and mighty, “me and my kids are perfect” attitude, yes you can look at any site you want, but if you choose to open your stuck up mouth and spout off about your perfectness, expect to catch flack for it.

              • Adrian

                Yeah please shut up. Obviously you are trolling with a name like dubstepdinosaur. You are watching the comments and coming back to the site each time to reply to someone's new comment. Leave this site please.

                • DD

                  Nope, don’t have to!

          • mommarose

            If you children are perfect, and have never ruined any items, why are you here judging us and spoiling the sanity saver that is this site for us? Please leave us in peace. Go elsewhere if you seek to be a party pooper, please?

            • DubstepDinosaur

              I can look at any website I want. Get off your high horse.

  • DubstepDinosaur

    Why were they on the floor?

  • Squid Tamer

    You could probably glue them back together nearly seamlessly with some wood glue. I know that the point is that they're in one piece, but it's the best option.

    • purplecow_403

      Yeah that's what I'd probably do. Even though you'll know they're broken, at least the memory is still there!

  • Candice Schear


  • Anne Stall

    And THAT is why the Welsh Love Spoon that my husband hand carved me 10 years ago is 7' high on the wall.

    And nailed in place.

  • angie

    poor you! =( Well, you can always fix it with the wood glue and it can take a totally different meaning now =)

  • Curvey

    So sorry for you. I am a woodcarver too. One of my kids first lessons had to be don’t touch my tools. The second lesson was I will show you my carvings don’t break them before they get to the carving show. Your photo breaks my heart too.

  • momtwice

    oh bummer!

    As the mother of two kids I will say this. EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT! My first born would be careful of his own stuff, and would mostly listen and not touch our things. Especially easy to just put things out of reach with him. H is 6.5 and will however be playing with something and then forge and leave it on the floor where the dog can get at it. Then my second child was born. She’s an amazing little girl, but if she decides she wants to get at something, nothing will stop her. She will climb up bookshelves and/or dresser drawers to stand on top of high furniture and stretch her reach to get at something in less time than it takes a mama to go pee. So please, stop blaming this man for “leaving them on the floor” it can happen so easily with kids.

  • Season

    Awwww. That's both cute and sad – a deadly combination of emotions that only girls can wield, according to my little brother.

  • Clarisse Argolo

    im so sorry for that, truly