Private School Teaches What!???

This was my daughter, Charleigh’s, note from school…. she was almost two at the time.



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  • Zontar: Lord of the Pig People

    When did a two year old need a playtime timesheet? I don't want to see the tuition bill.

  • Kristi Wing

    Could be worse, it could be a high school report card 🙂

  • AnnaUndercover

    There are some places one should *never* strip. Alas, some individuals elect to do it anyway…

  • MrsSandford

    OMG I just spat out my coffee reading that hahahahaha!!! (glad to know my kid isn't the only one who likes to streak!)

  • Dawn

    Is it bad that I think the funniest part is that along with what was written in the note for music she was dancing?

  • Terry

    Hrmm… crayons, legos, music, dancing, and taking off clothes… wait a minute… I've seen this show somewhere…

  • Licia

    I like that dancing was circled. So she was dancing AND taking her clothes off. Perhaps the guidance councilor has a career suggestion for her.

  • splatman

    What is Playdough? I've seen Play-Doh, but not Playdough. And what are legos? I own at least a 1/3-million little plastic bricks made by a Danish company named LEGO, but I've never seen “Legos”.
    Just in case you're wondering, LEGO bricks are for people of all ages.

    • MrsSandford

      Playdough can be made but Play-Doh is a term they can't use unless they wish to pay the copyright, or it's the actual bought product which i doubt.

    • purplecow_403

      When you were a kid, you didn't call them “Legos”? As in; “Hey mom, can I play with my Legos?”. Did you say “Hey mom, can I play with my LEGO brand bricks?”? Seems a little bit unnecessary. Kind of like how we tend to call all facial tissues “Kleenex” even if they're a different brand. Or Q-tips, or several other products.

      Also, play-doh, playdough…. you got the meaning either way, right?

      Why do some people have to nit-pick spelling of brand-name products on something so trivial as this? Yeah, if it's in an advertisement or book or something, I could see being picky about spelling, capitalization, and things like that, but not on a take-home sheet from a preschool.

      Sorry for the rant, but sheesh, I can't figure out why you'd post this picking on the teacher's spelling. Lol.

    • Ann Wahlström

      I bought Lego for my daughter one christmas, she never cared much about it, so I build it myself, had superfun with it! I built a big motorcycle, and some other fun stuff… Yes, I know, a mother shouldn’t – but it’s too fun not to!

  • Renee Hetrick-Lamp

    Lmaoooooooooooooooo that os hilarious… She had a good Day… She took her clothes off wtf.. OMG im in tears