The Amazon Rainforest!

He may only be 10 months old, but see the look in his eyes? He knows what an environmental little terrorist he is…



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  • Sarah

    OMG, this is the cutest picture- you caught the perfect expression of glee on his face!

  • Samantha

    He is adorable! Almost makes it worth it to let him destroy a little of the rainforest!

  • kenbo

    What an adorable cutie pie!…. on the other hand that look in his eye say “die tree die…” I bet he's got the tub water running too? sneaky little fella. but seriously he's adorable.

  • Teresa

    You can get even by saving this photo and showing it to his first serious girl friend!

    • got4kids

      better, his fiancee' at the rehearsal dinner

  • kmeghan

    That is one cute baby! My son dropped three rolls into a toilet once. Then didn't think we needed one of those toilet lock things that early!

  • nerwen_aldarion

    Probably the cutest expression on a kid's face that I've ever seen

  • Jennifer Plachy

    Oh My goodness.. How cute is he?

  • Katy

    captain planet… not his hero! side note-that is one of the cutest kids i have EVER seen. i'm sure you hear a lot of that.

  • Tanya Retief

    That's friggin adorable man. 😀 (My 10-month old daughter has this inane fascination with toilet paper. She goes all focused to get at it… lol)