Their Room. My Day.

My kids are high achieving multi-taskers. In one shot they ruined their room and my day. That dresser in the middle of the picture? Empty.

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  • Laptop Backpack

    wow. yup. ruined.

  • Pernette Bearfield

    I love how she is just lounging on the floor and playing her game like nothing happened 🙂

  • Groomsie

    I like the kid reclining near the door. Just relaxing after a tough day…

    • mehtare

      Kid looks plenty old enough to clean up the mess.

      • Zontar: Lord of the Pig People

        Clean up for the kid and the room is clean for a day. Beat the kid until they completely clean it and the room will be clean… for a week at best.

  • Jessica

    my children's room looks like that just about every day. my three year old is usually the culprit! she rips everything out of the closet, off the shelves, and out of the dressers just about every day or right after i put away laundry for three girls in the closet and dresser. it doesn't make my day.

  • Nicole Gislason

    I've seen this scene before, more than once.

  • aimeemae

    Yup, this is my daughter's (4) room EVERY day….. I still can't decide if she does it unintentionally when searching for something particular to wear…. or if she just gets bored and decides to be destructive…

  • beclea143

    that looks familiar-this is my boys room-2 & 3 yrs old. I even put locks on their dresser, but their little arms go right past them and all the contents end up on the floor…and I wonder why there's always so much laundry to do…

  • submissive1958


  • Samantha

    My kiddos do the same thing. We finally got rid of the dressers, and we now use the bins, in their closet, with a lock at the very top so they cannot open it and get to the clothes 🙂

  • Nicole

    ok now i have a kid and if he had done something like that he would have cleaned it up got a smack on the butt and then sent to bed and he is only 3 and i mean what i say that is unacceptable no matter what age