Interview at New School Tomorrow!

Glad we have an interview at her new school tomorrow…

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  • Valerie

    Hahahahaha!!!! My six year old grandson did the same thing last year, except in bright pink…

  • Momma

    What a great first impression you'll make. You will be recognized for your creativity 😉

  • burgundydragon

    Bwahahaha! My daughter JUST did this last week. She looks very… tribal…

  • justjack


  • smartassmom

    At least they will know she is a creative child!

  • joditheisen

    My kids did this with a permanent marker the day before we were leaving on vacation and not only did this to each other, but colored the tv, the entertainment center, the couch, loveseat and everywhere else they could reach. They were 2 and 3 at the time. Looking back now, they are 16 and 15, it makes me laugh…

  • sherryelander

    Good thing that at such a young age, this kind of stuff can't go into a file where years later it will be considered in a background check for employment, etc. It could be a plus, however, if you want to run off and join a circus (or work for government).

  • chronic_mom

    hahaha my 14 yo did this–a week before his first day of HIGH SCHOOL!

  • Picklemaker

    She's going for “The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo” look! This is so hilarious. I love it. Go Juliet!

  • sarahc

    Diaper Wipes!!! Do an amazing job of getting most of it off!

  • signevet

    Let's hope it's a school with a good art program! :o) Adorable!!

  • tammylynwilson

    WD 40 removes Sharpie!!!!!!

  • Samantha

    Baby Oil gets permanent marker off of skin. I only know this because a couple of my kids when they were 2 and 3 colored their entire bodies with black permanent marker. Even their eyelids, and inside their bellybuttons. He was Batman, and she was Cat-woman, and they had also drawn the bat-mobile and whatever it was they made for Cat-woman to drive on their bedroom walls, along with coloring their brand new oak toddler beds. I wish I had taken pictures 🙁

  • Beanskank

    You HAVE to give her points for creativity! Too cute.

  • Kelli

    SPF 70 waterproof sport sunblock spray will get sharpie off of a child's face. I have needed it in my babysitting adventures.

  • Victoria in ATX

    i laughed so hard that i cried!

  • Sheila