Never Leave the Older Kids in Charge!

I tried to do some quick lawn work and left the older kids in charge of the younger ones. I came in to a kitchen covered with red food coloring. This was what was left on them.

This post was submitted by: Anne



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  • Cristin Kennedy

    Caught red handed. lol

    • HeartPratt

      Wow! What did the kitchen look like- A bloody massacre?

  • Petranilla London

    old kind meaning the dad??? we know they useless!!!!!!

  • Petranilla London

    older kid meaning daddy??? you know they useless!!!!!!!!

  • Christine

    I see they've already f-ed up your carpet! Based on the nice furniture behind the little ones, I'm betting you had a nice clean house before kids. I'm sorry!

  • DE Hutt Stapfer Bell

    You know, I'm kinda glad they didn't find the black food coloring. Just saying.

  • mom2_2many

    My husband let my oldest son do this when he was just shy of 2 except it was a red sharpie pen. I found out when I caught him going out the backdoor as I was coming in the back door. Left him with Grandma for the night and went out. He wasn't red anymore by the time I came home.

  • Victoria in ATX

    the blonde looks so ashamed! rofl