We were at a party down the street and ‘it’ happened. I grabbed him and took the brunt to save their carpets…which only partly worked.  The night, a favorite shirt, and some carpet all ruined.

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  • Deborah

    I love how his hand is up to his mouth, like “Oops. Pardon.”

    • Victoria in ATX

      that's exactly what i was thinking!

  • youknowho

    It makes me feel better about the time my daughter peed on my best friends leather couch.

  • TwinMommy2

    holy hell. That's insane. It must have been a multiple splash vomit, HATE those!

  • Jen

    Eeeewwww!!!I remember the first time my daughter, husband and I all got the stomach flu together. I plopped her onto the bathroom sink counter to try to clean the vomit off of her and my shirt when the diaper exploded as she sat and shot nastiness all over the mirror, sink, floor, soap, and toothbrushes. Worst thing ever. But, now I know that our little family can survive the grossest crap imaginable!

  • BeQui

    I think it's hilarious, because only a parent would think, “Maybe if I use my body as a shield, it'll save the carpets!” Anyone else would think, “That's too bad that they'll have to get their carpets cleaned.”

    • Shannan Ben Rosebrock

      Aww, the memories! I remember the instinct to try to “catch” my daughter’s puke as I saw it happening.  Later, I could only think, “Why? Why would I try to do that? What kind of parental instinct leads us to try to catch puke?” 

  • musthavecoffee

    That happened to my husband at my parent's place! My daughter had just eaten supper which included blueberries, and my husband was wearing a nice white shirt!! LOL It even made its way into the pockets of his pants!!

  • mykidsdoittoo

    Not nearly as bad as a baby barfing right down your shirt and having the vomit sit under your breasts with your bra acting as a holding vessel. Or your newborn baby having a blowout poop on your lap while sitting on a friend's white carpet. But still bad.

  • mykidsdoittoo

    Oh, and gotta love that smell wafting right up into your nostrils! 😉

  • Classygalady29

    I am laughing at your son's expression cause he don't look like he did a thing.

  • KylaS

    LOL I LOVE this one for a few reasons one the dad had a true dad moment sacrificing his clothes, body, and nostrils to save the carpets. Two cause of the look on lil mans face like what I do a damn thing! And then lastly the look on daddy's face like I wanna laugh cause it is slightly amusing but at the same time this sh*t stinks and is cold. LOL WAY TO GO DADDY!

  • P G

    Im sure the party was a blast after that too lol…

  • urmf

    And people say formula isn't dangerous….