Key Fob vs. Garbage Disposal

My five-year-old son and his friend, while having a pillow fight, knocked my keys off the bar and into the sink, where they fell into the garbage disposal. He swears he thought the sound was a spoon falling in. I found this out only later, when I turned on the disposal and heard the god-awful shrieking of metal on metal.
It’s $300 or so to replace this key fob, BTW.



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  • LindsayR425

    PANIC! I love this!! don't you hate that the “better, safer” keys are the ones that get broken and cost an arm and a leg to fix!?

  • Philly_k

    You have real granite counter tops and drive a Mercedes-Benz. Feel sorry for you I do not.

  • Philly_k

    You have real granite counter tops and drive a Mercedes-Benz. Feel sorry for you I do not.

    • Adrian

      Why are the poor always hating on the rich?

      • gpknoxville

        Well. because everyone is capable of being as successful as him, but are to lazy to work hard. “What would you do if you could not fail?”

        • Scott

          Suck a dick. When the revolution comes, I’ll be driving your car.

          • Pepper

            U jelly?

      • Scott

        Because the rich constantly drive like buttholes on the road. Benz driver aren’t that bad, but if I see a gold lexus SUV, or a BMW, I make sure I’m not in her way.

  • Schmeff

    Anyone who can afford that counter top and a Mercedes can afford to have their key fob fixed. Why where the keys next to the sink anyway?

    • Hillary Dean

      No one wants to pay an unnecessary cost of $300 regardless of their income. This site is not for criticising people.

  • Nicole

    Hmmm… while $300 is a chunk of change for such, it doesn't sound like it'll run ya into the poor house! 🙂

  • Foodand Rant

    I did something of that sort when I was a kid except it was my Mom's necklace.

  • Sarah

    Hey, kids are destructive whatever your income level, there's no need to criticize! Being able to pay for the damage is beside the point. I love the “Panic” button right in the middle of the picture- a lot of good that's going to do now, right?

  • mehtare

    And why was there a pillow fight in the kitchen???

  • Cont de

    Haha, I can totally relate to this, as my kid over the years has ruined some really expensive stuff… but I guess that all part of him growing up.
    I learned better my lesson to hide all the precious things, and not blame him, but only me when something like this happens:)

  • Bryan Paschke

    I dunno, looks repairable to me….a little epoxy, some duct tape and it'll be good as new.

  • Scott

    Buy a normal car, man. OP is a douchebag.
    “Finest automobile in the world”, my foot.