GLITTER: The Herpes of Craft Supplies

Yes, that is his sister covered in glitter in the background. And, “a couch?” you ask? Yes. That is also my couch covered in “the herpes of crafting supplies”.

The post was submitted by: Charlie



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  • First

    I've been teary all morning as my youngest just left for K. But this made me LOL….”the herpes of crafting supplies”!!! Thanks!!

  • natalies_mom

    Man- that's awesome! I'm going to call glitter- herpes from now on. I hate that stuff! Even when I use it- it goes everywhere!
    You are going to be finding glitter everywhere for YEARS!!
    The kicker is… that looks like it was a big, expensive set of glitter. That sucks.

  • abanana68

    fairies!!! 🙂

    • doreantessa

      We've been calling glitter “Raver Scabies” ever since the late nineties when Raves and Body glitter made a presence in our shared house.

  • jeis

    ugh! that’s awful. You’ll be finding that when they’re in college! I bet if you go on line there are some clever clean up suggestions. You are very brave. Be strong 🙂

  • Natalie@mommyofamonster

    I couldn't even imagine having to try to clean that up…

  • Dara Furlow

    I always call it cocaine for kids. glitter sucks!

    • jellocup

      Thats the truth.

  • Cheryl Beal

    i think the best thing about his picture is how ticked off the kid looks….kind of like – how dare you interrupt my creation….LOL

  • jellocup


  • futuremrsd

    but mommy i just wanted to be like edward! look i SPARKLE!!

  • kalisiak

    Ah, yes, the “glitter of craft supplies” is one of my favorite Demetri Martin skits of all time, especially he has such a deadpan manner. ^_^

  • Annie

    OMG! I feel her pain!!!!!! But I bet those two were proud of themselves!

  • SilentD

    Are you sure a few strippers didn't break in and wrestle on your couch? Then maybe your children tried to break them up and that's how they got the “stripper dust” on themselves. In our house that stuff is called “Stripper Dust” because every “adult entertainer” i've ever come across has always been covered in that stuff.

  • muzition

    Glitter does get everywhere, even if you aren't a little kid.

  • Allison Frey

    give credit where credit is deserved. “glitter – the herpes of craft supplies” is from a demetri martin stand up