Lulu Versus Mum’s iPhone

Our 2 your old insisted on calling dad to get him to turn the TV back on. When daddy said no TV what what do you think happened. Lulu went postal on mum’s phone!

Submitted by: Cristina



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  • Ryan Grimes

    We replace glass + digitizers for $99 + shipping.

  • Alaina

    HEY! That looks like my iPhone when it decided that the concrete had talked enough smack already and got into a fight with it…. Oh yeah Concrete v iPhone FAIL! You can get the stuff to fix it off the internet rather cheap. In store it is about $217……

    • KylaS

      LOL Alaina I remember that! You were sooooo pissed!!!

  • Anonymous

    you can buy the parts to replace for $20, and do it yourself fairly easily. There are video guides on youTube.

    But if it were me, I’d look at this as an opportunity to get the iPhone 4 and a SquareTrade warranty. You can sell the old one smashed like that for at least $100 on eBay and various websites (i.e.

  • jennypenny

    We would have spanked our kids with a paddle for such behavior … maybe that's why we never experienced such behavior from our kids.

  • laurelannb

    Um…you get what you get for giving in to a 2-year-old's “insisting” on anything.

  • bigdoglover

    Get the kid a toy phone that looks the same as yours and then just pretend that every time they call that the person they are calling is just not available to answer.

  • blazinlonghorn

    Child = no access to electronic devices = no destruction of electronic devices by Child.

    Easy as Pie.

  • Christine

    Boy, you would expect more sympathetic comments on a site like this! I am a mom of a very determined (and emotional) 2yo girl. First of all it goes without saying I’m not going to beat her with a paddle. She wants to be treated as a person just like any member of our family, and that means talking on the phone with the rest of us. And if she doesn’t get to TALK to the person she wants to speak to, that’s not going to cut it.

    After she refused to give my cell phone back to me, however (which turned into a knock-down drag-out fight that could have busted it)… she now gets to talk on an old-fashioned wall phone with a cord that tethers her in place. Problem solved!

  • Ashli Martin

    Oh shush. Take the holier than thou attitude elsewhere.

    • June Guy

      How is that holier than thou? do YOU spank YOUR kids?

    • Adrian

      You're just mad because you didn't raise your kids well enough to where stuff like this wouldn't happen.

  • June Guy

    and if said child gets one and destroys it, tear said child's butt up with your hand. Another problem solved. lol

  • submissive1958

    Did you “spare the rod and spoil the child”?