7 Month-old Pukes on Dog

Everything else in the house has been “broken in” so I guess it was just a matter of time before the dog got some.



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  • nerwen_aldarion

    I think the best part is the dog's expression

  • Abyssl

    The look on the digs face says it all…

    Kid: Blahh!!!!!
    Dog: Really? I mean really?

  • Abyssl

    The look on the dogs face says it all…

    Kid: Blahhh!!!!

    Dog: Really kid? I mean really???

  • Michelle G

    Yeah, the amount of vomit my kids have collectively produced would be enough to fill the San Andreas fault, several times over. One kid spewed so badly in the conversion van just as we were arriving home, that it made another kid gag and lose it. I tried hard to mobilize the rest of the troops before we started re-enacting the landing scene from Saving Private Ryan. Thankfully the teenager had the bright idea to go in the house and get the smellhound, who was brought into the van. She was happy to oblige and clean up the evidence. Dogs can be useful.