Unbearable Toy Sounds


Submit your AWFUL TOY SOUNDS!  I invite you to send a 10-sec video (or audio with pic) of your WORST, most ANNOYING-sounding kid stuff.  Share the HORROR of the TOYS you should have listened to before purchasing!!



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  • Alton

    I highly recommend any “kids meal” toy that makes noise. Especially the ones that restart every time the button is pushed even if the sound is not done playing. I–I–I–I–I–I–I–I–I real–I real–I real–I real–I really hate those!

  • http://www.chocolatediapers.com chocolatediapers

    I'll that noise over the ACTUAL sounds that come out of my son's mouth any day.

  • http://twitter.com/twitless twitless

    Holy crap, we used to have one of these things! It has since become “extinct.”

  • DubstepDinosaur

    Thanks for the autoplay.

  • bigdoglover

    Yeah! I am way with you on this one. Some of the most annoying sounds come from kids toys and the worst is in a coffee shop when they have brought something from the house to keep them amused!

  • Marianne

    I don't know what's going on with your site and the fact that it can't be used on Google Reader anymore, but I've lost interest. Either you've decided to add a jump to every post, or your site is feeding in a screwy way. Also, I get each post no fewer than 3 times. Pictures never show up anymore. Not worth it. Deleted from my reader.

    • http://ShitMyKidsRuined.com/ SMKR

      Well, I'm sorry you've lost interest, but I'm glad for your feedback, I'm a total novice at this. I'll talk to someone about fixing those bugs. I hope you'll check back in an a week or two and see that this is solved. Julie

  • ericakawa

    Here in Japan they have kids shoes that squeak. It squeaks like those dog toys. I keep thinking about how many dogs go nuts when little kids walk by. All you hear is squeak, squeak, squeak. Maybe it helps keep track of where the kid is.

    • http://twitter.com/selfish_love Chelsea Wagner

      I love those shoes! I actually bought some for my niece while I was there because I had them when I was little and so did my sister.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=732841387 Amanda DiCecco

        A family friend brought me a pair when I was a child. At that time my mother also put a lot of bows in my hair including one with bells. One day I wore the shoes with the bell bow, I am very ADHD and would stand in place bouncing in order to make a TON of noise. The next morning, the bells no longer jingled and the shoes had a hole in the squeakers! My dad won’t admit it but it was definitely him just aiming for not peace and quiet but a little less noise. I don’t remember seeing those “family friends” much afterwards. Now that I’m an adult, I fear I will be “blessed” with a child just like me!

  • Pernette Bearfield

    Any Tickle Me Elmo that has ever been put on the market. Or anything that sings the Elmo's World theme, Chicken Dance song or says “La La La La”

  • http://www.mykidsreallyeatthis.com/ mykidsreallyeatthis

    My sister-in-law sadistically chooses the most annoying sounding toys for my kids' presents.

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  • splatman

    Furby. Nuff said.

  • Mike Cui

    Annoying Toys (I don’t have what is starred):

    Bump ‘n’ Go toys.*
    Any plastic Tonka toy.
    Road Rippers, CAT, Ripp’s Garage, and Dub Garage vehicles
    And most importantly, any kind of musical instrument, if the kid can’t play it right, that is.