Burst Blood Vessels

Despite my best efforts to embrace the controlled lessons of Lamaze, Moving Through Labor Classes and Prenatal yoga, my 49-hour labor had me straining so hard at the end that I burst blood vessels in both eyes, and I gave myself a black-and-blue shiner. Of course, not the worst damage, but striking nonetheless. My O.P., 8lbs 15 ounce girl was worth the effort.



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  • MollyL

    Totally relate – my daughter came in such a wrath that I burst blood vessels all over my face trying to push her out (she was born within 30 min of arriving to the hospital).

  • Dubstepdinosaur

    Your doctor should not have let you strain this hard. This is probably the least of the damage you sustained during birth. Good luck with that.

    This is not your child's fault, and doesn't belong here.

  • http://twitter.com/am_shaffer AM Shaffer

    I came away from my labor with a heathy 6 lb boy, and a missing quarter of a molar that I never noticed had broken.

  • mom2my2

    Both my daughters were Sunny Side Up. One also almost caused me to have a c-section. Lucky for her, she came out. It would have been terrible for her to be born right onto my sh*tlist………..that usually takes several years.

  • bigdoglover

    49 hours!!!! I am amazed that you are alive! any food during that time or was the thought of eating all just a little bit too much to bear?

  • katyrn

    shut up dubstep. Amanda – you rock!!!! And if you pushed out an OP (basically) 9 pounder you deserve a medal!

  • netanyah

    That happened to me from vomiting – but only when I was pregnant! Never happens otherwise.

  • Alison

    I busted blood vessels under both of my eyes from dry heaving so much during the morning sickness with my second son. At first I thought I had a rash because it looked like red freckles. They almost prescribed me a cream until they figured it out.

  • BarbieRain

    What does O.P. mean? I'm having no luck looking it up…

    • frankwash

      occipito-posterior (OP) which means they are head down but with their spine against yours. An OP baby and mother will have to work harder in labour to have a vaginal birth, and labour is often longer and more painful while the baby tries to rotate to the anterior position. A common side-effect of OP labours is excruciating back pain, caused by the hard surface of the baby's skull pressing on the mother's lower back. Posterior births are more of a problem for first babies than for subsequent births; when a mother has given birth before, there is generally much more room for manueuver, so it is easier for the baby to rotate.

      • BarbieRain

        Oh, thank you, I always just assumed babies came out so that their face was toward the ceiling….interesting…thank you 🙂

  • littlemonkeyfoot

    Oh MAN!! I had an OP baby in 08 drug free and I TOTALLY feel your pain!!!! Thank GOD my labor wasnt as long as yours!! (((((HUGS)))))

  • littlemonkeyfoot

    Oh MAN!! I had an OP Compounded (Holding left right ear with left hand) baby in 08 drug free and I TOTALLY feel your pain!!!! Thank GOD my labor wasnt as long as yours!! (((((HUGS)))))

  • http://twitter.com/__tara__ Tara Boswell

    This, and all the comments below are SO scary! And I thought I wanted children! Eek!

  • Merinara

    My first born was OP with a diagonal head position. (right temple came out first, left jaw last) I was going for unmedicated as well, but 32 hours labor of constant pain, I was just glad not to have him cut out. Yes I burst blood vessels in my eyes too, among *other* things.

  • Merinara

    oh yeah, he weighed 9 lbs, 5 oz

  • Barelysain

    OMG You poor thing :0( I feel for you, at least we as mother's know what you went through, & can relate :0)