Greatest F*cking Label Ever.

I don’t know and don’t care what the Pelican Company manufactures, but I’m buying some.  This label is SO GREAT!!  It should be posted on everything.



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  • cara

    Pelican actually makes cases for cameras/laptops/guns

  • Chris Merchant

    They have the same thing policy posted on their website:

  • Iva

    They make stationery, I believe.

  • Catherine N.

    They build waterproof protective cases for electronics.

  • Jonathan Drake

    Catherine N. got it. They make some seriously badass hardcases. I keep my camera and binoculars in them when I go sailing (they float, too).

  • Bob Penick

    Besides the equipment cases, they also make some of the best flashlights you can buy. Both have the same warranty and have had it for at least 20 years. From personal experience they do keep their promise.

  • Jenny Z

    Just a note, your posts are being double published in your RSS reader (I'm using Google Reader). It's really annoying :/

    • SMKR

      yikes! I'm so sorry. I'll try to get that fixed.

  • mom2my2

    OK the waterproof cases makes the Sharkbite exclusion a little more understandable. I thought it was just to be funny. LOL

  • Pilar

    We use them in the military too… We ship all sorts of stuff in them. LOL!

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  • Sarah

    Hilarious!! I would absolutely equate my four-year-old with a shark or a bear.

  • Danielle Cooley

    My husband has one of the flashlights for his firefighting gear. We didn't have kids when he got it but still cackled heartily at that warning. And yes, now we keep our under-5 children away from his flashlight.

  • Shane

    See for yourself! No photoshop here!

  • westcydr

    I have a few of these cases, and the military uses them for tons of things…

  • BarbieRain

    I have reason to believe it may be a kayak company–since that was the name of the 2 kayaks my dad and I were in the other day.

  • JoannaPeterson

    They make cases. We have a huge one – the size of a steamer trunk – that my husband used during his deployment. I'm definitiely keeping my 10-month-old twins away from it.

  • beclea143

    That is great!!! I can totally see how they all compare!!!

  • nerwen_aldarion

    LOL something tells me there there is experiance behind this label

  • BCM

    If they're 5 or older it's covered though??

  • Bear

    they make extremely good camera cases.

    I understand the shark bites and bear attacks, those are things photographers might actually run into, but a 5 year old?? Are they really that destructive?

    • perplenerple

      Have you not noticed the name of this website?

    • KiAnna Fleur

      Any child under the age of 5 can figure out how to destroy anything. They're all geniuses. Then we send them to school and the public complains that our education system fails them, presumably because they no longer know how to destroy the indestructible.

    • Zoe Vaughn

      My daughter destroyed our camera not once but TWICE before she was 5. Is now, at 21, quite a good photographer, but I haven’t owned a decent camera myself since 1994.

  • Johdar

    I had such a wonderful laugh the first time I saw that on a dive light I had purchased quite a few years ago. I was wondering if anyone was going to post that to this site.

  • Micha

    HAHAHA…they make industrial cases that can be dropped out of airplanes and still survive!

  • Kevin C

    Pelican also makes crappy electronics.

  • Phoebe Morris

    My husband has a pelican case – unfortunately we also have a child under the age of 5… we had to replace much of the internal foam cushioning.

  • Netanya Hoffman

    Reminds me of NHL hockey tickets that say the arena and the hockey club are not responsible for flying sticks or pucks, or acts of god.

  • Cole

    They make cases for consumer electronics and also for use by law enforcement, fire fighters and military. Pelican cases are the ONE thing I’d expect to survive a 5 year old but if they don’t guarantee that we are all fucked.

  • Anonymous

    My husband’s Pelican case survived 3 deployments, 2 IED blast, 1 mortar attack and getting backed over by JERRV (huge up armored truck)…the 2 year old twins picked the foam lining apart 2 days after he got back from Afghanistan.