Please Lord, let school start sooner than 9/7!

The room had been completely clean prior to my 7 year-old daughter’s arrival home with her best friend. This is the room 30 minutes later. They work quickly.



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  • J.J. Merrick

    Move to TN… they started last week!

  • cady

    This is why my kids are going to get like 12 toys and 15 outfits. Much less shit to strew everywhere.

    • AstridB

      one day i will get around to this!

    • kiannafleur

      hahahahah! oh that’s funny – I tried that. #1 — 15 outfits is a lot and it’s still not enough to escape having to do laundry every day. #2 — a week before every gift receiving occasion, box up their 12 toys so you can start fresh. Or at least half of them. They won’t be able to make the selections themselves, so you’ll have to do it behind their backs in secret.Don’t ever falter or back down or you’ll be doomed! Never mind control issues or the concept of autonomous little beings making graduated decisions, that will just distract you from the goal of having a clean house. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        No kidding. Plus, are they only going to have ONE LEGO? I have even fewer outfits than cady suggests, and my children have only about fifteen toy sets (legos, blocks, a slinky, sand bucket set, cars and map rug, you get the picture, very basic stuff and not crap, either), including ONE box of art supplies and ONE dolly each. By any standard, very frugal. We give things away every year to make sure their stuff fits.

        And their room can get to the level seen above in a cool five minutes, EASILY.

        (Oh, and let us know about 15 outfits when it comes time for potty training. 🙂 Not trying to scare you, but none of us thought we would have homes like this. The best laid plans…

    • Heather McCollum Schebel

      Yeah. Right.
      have you heard of grandparents? Good luck to you.

      • Linda S

        grandparents, or your friends with kids who think it’s funny to get your daughter an earring making kit w/ 1,000 beads etc.

    • Christine Baue

      I find this especially hilarious because my husband and I said the exact same thing (to ourselves, of COURSE we would never have insulted another parent with this statement) before having children. Ha! Ha ha! Hahahahaha!!!
      We rule with a pretty heavy hand but maintaining that kind of standard is too authoritarian and oppressive even for us. I can’t imagine what our kids would DO half the year when it’s too hot or too cold to go outside and dig in the sand (with a spoon, heaven forbid they have plastic buckets and shovels to trash your yard with. And I meant dirt, not sand, because it’s impossible to keep the sand in a box anyway). Watch TV? Oh, I know I know what they’d do! Destroy MY shit!!!

  • AstridB

    my son makes it his mission to make his room look similar to this everyday. I've given up trying to clean it everyday. It gets a once a week do over, which only lasts a few hours before eveything is systematically pulled out and spread everywhere. He tries to blame it on his 8 mth old brother… no luck.

    • beclea143

      I'm in the same boat-I've even heard my 3 yr old use the dog as an excuse before

      • Anonymous

        When my daughter turned four, I was finally able to explain that if she didn’t clean up her playroom at night, we wouldn’t have time for a story. It’s not easy but now we are to the point where at least she realizes during the day that some clean-up is needed. Three is tough because you really have to do it with them and it’s just exhausting but an end is in sight… I think it took us about four months of consistent evening training to get to this point but it’s really worth it now.

  • Savagewoman

    I dig the corpses strewn all over the floor.

  • Jennifer H-C

    Ugh, my kids do the same crap all the time. Jerks.

  • BeQui

    That's why my daughter has one bucket of toys. Oh, and a play kitchen. And I agree with AstridB, I don't clean every day. I go through once a week or so to get all the clothes and garbage out of the mess, toss the toys in the bucket, and then I just let her loose again.

  • MrsSandford

    HA! my 3 yr old doesn't even need 30 whole minutes! I'll be cleaning and she'll be right behind me taking the stuff and the clothes i put away and tossing them EVERYWHERE!

  • elizabetht

    looks like my sons' rooms, play room, and heck everywhere they go in our house LOL made this mistake of allowing my oldest into the basement to find one of his toys too, he dumped all the boxes we haven't unpacked yet from moving all over the floor…it's knee deep in crap now UGH!

  • mags

    This kid has way too much crap.

  • laurelannb

    Now…when my kids have friends over, BEFORE the other kid leaves, I ask, “And you two–the room is JUST as it was before, correct?” If it's not, back they go.

    I have never met resistance from another parent on this; I assume my kids will be required to clean up any mess they make at someone else's house.

  • photomom

    Thank YOU! I am not the only one!!! This is what my entire summer looked like…no wonder all the kids wanted to come to our house. My daughter told me “J doesn't get to make messes at her house” Really?

  • Jennifer Hagan

    I swear that this room was on hoarders. I feel bad for you having to clean that up again. Stay strong!

  • beclea143

    That looks familiar-this is my boys' room-2 & 3 yrs old….and any other room they ever enter…

  • Baby Girl

    My 2 1/2 yr old daughter can do that much damage in the same amount of time (or less) by herself!

  • fanesville

    The wreck of the Hesperus took place as fast as greased lightening speeding faster than the speed of light. Blame the cat, the dog, even a pet hamster. Heck, it might work!

  • canaryblue

    If you don't make your kid [and her friend/dog/the alien who dropped by, etc.] clean up her own messes at age 7, you will have a belligerent, lazy, entitled 17-year-old who will leave an even bigger mess with no sense of responsibility. Don't clean up your kids' messes; if they're big enough to take the toy out, they're big enough to put it back! (Trust me, you're doing them and yourself and the future no favors by “babying” them!)

    • buscetta

      Wow, self-righteous much? She posted the picture because it's funny, not because she was seeking parenting advice from strangers.

      • canaryblue

        I know! I realized how it sounded after I saw it up there! That was NOT my intention, and I posted after stating that. It's not even aimed at the poor woman–it's “advice” to anyone who doesn't want to end up catering to their kids forever. As I said, believe me, I know from experience!

    • Linda S

      where did it say that SHE cleaned the room? It said it was clean before they got there.

  • supermom2therescue

    That is waaay too much stuff…

  • Anonymous

    My children did the same messes now their in college. Enjoy every minute of it! I love the picture!

    • Stephanie Alcee

      I didn’t enjoy it at all and now I am glad that my son messes up his college dorm room instead of my house! There are things I miss but that sure isn’t one of them, lol.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to say this looks like my teenage daughter’s bedroom most days. We have a housecleaner who comes three times a month–if it wasn’t for the fact she has to get everything off the floor the night before so the cleaner can clean, I am sure there would be alien life forms growing in there. We refer to her bedroom as The Black Hole: things go in, never to be seen again…Sometimes you just have to pick which battles you want to fight…and let the rest go. She’s a great kid, even if her perception of “clean and tidy” is completely different than mine!

    • Anonymous

      I can beat that: I had a house keeper for years and she would not even go in to my boys’ bedrooms!!!! That was 2 rooms in the house that did not get clean until my mom would come over and help me!!!!(about once every other month). Its’ all funny NOW…it does end and then we miss it. I say enjoy your children while you can..

    • Anonymous

      And yes you do have to pick your battles, some how messy bedrooms and green hair are just not biggies in the grand scheme of things….

  • Clarisse Argolo

    it just make stronger my decision of not having chlidren, by the way, this child has too many things

  • Anonymous

    I understand!!!! This is my daughters room 6 1/2 out of the 7 days of the week! Ages 7 and 4 are messy messy girls.

  • Anonymous

    I understand!

  • Anonymous

    My daughter was like that too! I had to remind myself to pick my battles. This was not one of them :/

  • Anonymous

    I think people without kids just don’t get stuff like this. I have my 3 older kids clean the main part of the house every day, I just take care of laundry and bathrooms. The mess comes back so fast you’d get whiplash, mostly due to the 3 year old. My friend is a neat freak, and never seems to be around when the house is clean. Once she stopped by right after chore time and was shocked at how great the house looked. I was like, “I told you, my house is clean for one half-hour every day!”

  • Anonymous

    …….and in packs!

  • Jimmie McQueen Jr.

    Ground her and take half the stuff she doesn’t need and lock them up to teach her a lesson. That would never fly in my house.

  • Jimmie McQueen Jr.

    Oh and another thing, you’re not a bright person for posting a picture of a mess your child did. This isn’t even entertaining. This is an addiction of you seeking attention. Like a pity-whore of some type.

  • Victoria Parry

    funny pic.. and to all the comments?? keep in mind moments like this should be treasured because sooner or later they grow up and move out… I raised 4 kids and miss these messy moments..

  • Leigh

    Ah, this picture make me feel so much less lonely about my own house. And yes, this kid has too much. and so do my children. It’s inevitable. sigh.

  • Tawny Lee Thompson

    This is how I feel about my house. My boys (3&5) are pretty good about picking up when directed, but they get up early and I’ll come down and it’s like we never bothered picking up the night before. I DO, however, make THEM pick up almost always, ‘cuz, um, no. My threat, which almost always works, is if I pick up, it’ll be with trash bag in hand. Only actually had to do it (start doing it) once, so far. Amazing how motivating a couple of toys in the trash can be! 🙂