Prada Glasses

R.I.P. My pretty 3 month old Prada glasses.



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  • kmeghan

    I'm never quite sure why parents don't put stuff like that up and away from kids….nothing of mine like glasses or laptops has ever been broken by kids.

    • Kayla*

      Congratulations on being perfect.
      The rest of us have real children who sometimes get into things that they shouldn't, regardless of where they are put away or how much supervision.

    • Maura Townsend

      My frames were grabbed right off my face and run away with. Don't speak of never until your kids are adults. Trust me. It's a curse.

      • Brenda Weinhold Hess

        Oh hey, don't I know it!!!! It's CRAZY how fast their little hands can just rip your glasses right off of your face!!!!

        • stephanie mathena

          or headbutt you

    • SinisterTendencies

      AWW you must live in a perfect little house, with perfect little children. Whatever, what your kids may or may not have done, someone elses kids have. Quit judging!

    • Adrian

      This website isn't called

  • Maura Townsend

    My kids ate my POLO frames. And left toothmarks on my lenses. I feel your pain.

  • Carla Campbell

    Well accidents happen! For example, all it takes is to set said object down on a table for 2.3 seconds and BAM! Kids will be kids!

  • omgshootme

    OMG! Ironically my Mother broke my Dolce&Gabana pair, now my new pair has insurance on them, because my kiddo does the same thing.

  • pieceseverywhere

    What kind of idiot gets on a website like this one and says, “parents should put stuff up…I don't have this problem!” So, if you need to wear glasses, you should lock them in the safe. And if you need to work on your laptop, please do it from the top shelf. Why are you visiting this site, let alone posting? Somewhere there is a website for clueless morons missing a member.

    • kmeghan

      I never said my kids didn't ruin stuff.. but never expensive things like my glasses, computers, etc. I've lost many a dish to my kids. I never messed with things like that when I was a kid and I don't let mine either.

      • Shari T

        If you are going to insult other people's parenting…..GET OFF THE SITE!

        • kmeghan

          wow.. nothing I said was insulting. I am just not sure why expensive and hard to replace things are allowed in the reach of children. My children might have grabbed for things, but they were told no, and that was put away out of their reach. I've had plenty of walls colored on (but I use washable paint and only buy washable crayons) and many clothes stained by food, paint, mud, bodily fluids, etc. I made one comment and it wasn't nasty in the least.

  • Sam

    Ouch!!!That's got to hurt!

  • huskermom

    The same thing happened to my less than a month old Kate Spade sunglasses. I feel your pain! 🙁

  • Britty Bug

    i think she did you a favor, jennifer
    those glasses are ugly as sin.

  • boorem

    yeah…that's why i would never buy prada anything. i don't own anything that i would get upset about getting a stain on or broken into a million pieces.

  • Eric Bostrom / ASD

    Your kid did you a favor.

  • Emma Forsberg

    haha looks like my Burberry's that are now sportin some classy duct tape!

  • jant232000

    sorry:-( I dont wear glasses, but ive lost TONS of sunglasses. For some reason my kids loved to get a hold of them and put them around their tummies…which is why i have only gotten glasses from target for the last 10 years. Hope you had insurance:-)

  • Kwitcherbittchen

    I knew a parent that let her daughter purposely headbutt her, ruined her glasses, Never gave that child a spank. Thought such things were cute and funny. She also allowed her to play on people sitting on her couch when they visted, and thought it particularly cute when her daughter would stomp her boyfriend in the balls. Do you wonder why they broke up?

    • Kwitcherbittchen

      And I don't condone spanking, except in emergency, such as child is doing something dangerous, or purposely hurting another. That is how children grow up with no sense of empathy.

  • Robin P

    when i see “nothing of mine has been broken by MY kids” I always add “yet” in my head 😉

  • jaynais

    Prada glasses are really bad quality anyway.

  • ayj

    That stinks that that happened. For the future, skip the designer frames and opt for a pair of flexon frames instead, they can withstand most bendy twisty breaky motions kids dish out, they will basically survive anything, unless you try to tie them in a knot 🙂

    • Michelle Bacho

      But those aren’t CUTE! If I have to wear glasses, they should at least be cute. Oddly enough, with 6 hyperactive nieces and nephews, not one broke a pair of frames. Usually /I/ was the one breaking them. This post still made me cringe though.

  • Kathleen Wray

    I’ve bent my frames back into shape, but this is a good one, up to par with my kids! Don’t mind the people judging. Always easy to be a better than anyone else asshole online…

  • Chelsea McMurdo

    2 pairs of my glasses have been broken by my toddler…while they were still on my face. Putting them up high wouldn’t have helped.

  • Anonymous

    Prada, eh? At least now we know where the kid’s college money is going.

    • Michelle Bacho

      That’s unfair. What if she saved up money to treat herself? Everyone deserves spoiling themselves every once in a while, especially moms.

      • CFinVancouver

        That’s just it – shouldn’t she be saving up money for her kid’s education instead of spoiling herself? Sorry, but when you have kids, the days of spoiling yourself are over.

  • Jay Farrell

    You should THANK your kid. Those glasses are so ugly, this thread was the first thing that came up when I added
    “Prada” to “ugly frames” to google ugly frames.

    I’m SO grateful to the hipsters for bringing back vintage frames. I didn’t buy glasses for almost 10 years, I so hated the ugly rectangular frames that were all that was available during the ’00s.

    BTW, D&G are every bit as ugly.