My 3 month old laptop.

My 7 year old decided to move it, so he unplugged the power cord, and placed it on the keyboard.  He then shut the screen, so it was smashed against the black box of the power cord.  So now, I have a new, compact desktop (aka, the broken laptop) and another new laptop.

Submitted by: Lisa S.



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  • Erin Wright

    you can buy a new screen. We had to replace our screen after only 3 weeks because the laptop was placed on the floor by the runner of the rocking chair and then someone rocked too hard. Our screen looked a lot like that. Found a new screen on Ebay.

    • minorsecond

      It's pretty easy to replace too. I've done it a few times on my friends MacBooks and it takes maybe twenty minutes

  • Lacey

    I feel your pain, my laptop met the same fate after just a few weeks of being in my house. I keep meaning to replace the screen but always forget. My kid was trying to smash swiper the fox when he popped up on screen.

  • pcone22

    The one good thing about this site it that you now have a public record of the damage he caused and you can use it to torture him later when he is a teenager.

  • JasonW

    ASUS would have covered that damage! Nice desktop by the way very small and sheik.

  • Sam

    When I am in a hurry I sometimes forget my cell phone or ear-bud inside my computer and close the lid. I am 21, so I really can't blame your kid.

  • allisonhayward

    I can't take nearly as dramatic a photo, but my eight year old dropped my brand new IPhone4. They shatter, but (oddly) don't fall apart. Still works, and I can rest knowing no one will every want to steal it.

  • Evy Eponine

    This is why I never leave the store without buying the ACCIDENTAL protection coverage…. because I know I have four VERY active children.

  • Dan Johnson

    You know that you could have bought a replacement screen on ebay and just replaced it right?

  • jellocup

    idk if that was expensive but i would be mad .

  • cropmommy

    Maybe the 7 year old was a Mac kid…. 😉

  • condiff

    My 10 year old was upset that the lap top was going too slow, so he poked it. Same problem, $100 to fix the screen.

  • beclea143


  • Scott Birnbaum

    Hey, it still boots!!!

  • Joanne

    LISA! I can completely sympathize! Last year our 1 yr old son(now 2) shut the top down on my Toshiba laptop and smashed the screen. SO I replaced the screen and handed it over to my hubby. THIS year my 8yr old daughter knocked my NEW Toshiba off and shattered its 6month old screen. If it wasn't for bad luck, we wouldn't have any luck at all!!

  • Anonymous

    It looks like me (was) brand-new laptop. Now I have a netbook I have to keep in the dish drainer to keep it away from my 2 year old!