Unlicensed Teen Hits Wrong Pedal

My Daughter, Amanda, decided to pull my car into the garage without permission(she does not have a license) As you can see she hit the gas instead of the brake and drove through the back of our garage into my house causing ALOT of damage.

Submitted by: Kelly



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  • Danielle Ward

    ooooh nooooo.

  • http://twitter.com/Elisa_Ashley Elisa Ashley

    Oh no! Is she still alive??? Hoping either your car ins or homeowner's ins covers that!!

  • rccola20

    Sorry but I'd have to kill her.

    Either that or she'd have to learn carpentry, framing and maybe some electrical work on her own dime.

    Also just lost two years before she can start driving (one for the car and one for the house). And when there's a complaint, I'd point at the garage. I would be an awesome parent.

    • Blue

      OMG, I agree, 100% – Roll a few life lessons into one and have somebody teach her how to fix this kind of damage and take the cost (or some of the cost) of supplies out of her allowance if she has one. 😛

  • tracy410

    sorry! and i thought our broken shelves and my punctured bumper were bad.

  • http://twitter.com/MandaMinor Amanda Minor

    My name is Amanda, and I did this same thing before I got my license. I am still alive and my parents took it really well considering 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/MandaMinor Amanda Minor

    My name is Amanda, and I did this same thing before I got my license. I am still alive and my parents took it really well considering 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/GratuitousGeek Bethany Moore

    Wow!! I'm glad that she's obviously ok. And I'd have to say that I agree with rccola20. She should help fix the damage to the house, and wait longer to get her license. I got my license at 16 and rolled my car 2 weeks later, I was too young. But I've been a perfect driver since. 😀

    • AmyR

      yup bethany….i had my only accident 11 days after i got my license on my 16th birthday (i'm almost 36 now!). <knock on wood>! 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/LegendaryRL Robert Legend

    On Halloween back in 1973, my 17 year-old brother was instructed to move the station wagon into the garage (fear of windows beign “soaped”). Being the cool guy he thought he was, he left his leg dangling out the car door as the car entered the garage. Being the uncool guy that he was, he hit the gas instead of the brake and drove into the living room wall.

    The car did not go through, but hit the stud and poked it through. A few weeks later, my parents had a party where we replaced the stud, put up new sheet-rock, etc. You couldn't even tell after… however, that didn't stop us from referring to my brother as “Crash” until he graduated from college.

    • Connor Glendinning

      Well at least I can feel better about myself now. I did the exact, and I mean exact, same thing yesterday. It was a painful experience that definitely taught me to always put my left leg in the car, so that I know which pedal is where, and also how to repair drywall.

  • mom2my2

    I hope you have good insurance and a low deductable.

  • Duncan

    E-Mail this person back because I want to see the car as well. Thsi is a great one though. <high 5>

  • http://twitter.com/stonegrigio Peggy

    This deserves Ricky Ricardo Bug Eyes.

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  • neongreen1881

    OMG I would have been sooo pissed…

  • Leah

    ROFL Kelly, when I saw this, I was like “heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy that looks like Kelly's house!”

    …FYI to add insult to pain, Kelly forgot to mention that it was her Lexus SUV that Amanda put through the garage!

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  • Jen

    When I was 15 I decided to do my mom a favor (you know, show her how clever I was) by pulling the car out of our garage and parking it on the street. Clearly she would be so impressed that she would let me get my liscence (regardless of how many hours I logged practicing) on my 16th birthday. Instead, I rolled down our (steep) driveway and hit the gas, slamming into an enormous rock (in front of the neighbor's house) $3,000 later…. Anyway, I did NOT get my liscence until I was 17. She bought a flippin stopwatch for those hours that needed logging!!! My brother still makes fun of me (I'm 28 now!) and insists that I was confused and thought the R was for “radio” and not “reverse.” Grrr, she'll never live this down, I know from experience (albeit, less expensive experience!)

  • Babs

    Can you imagine what ran through her mind the moment of impact!!! The fear in her eyes when mom saw what she did not only to her vehicle but the house!!! OMG it must have been horrifying!!! I feel sorry for mom n dad on this one. I guess I wont ever complain again when my kids ruin something stupid of mine… I got one kid through her driving test, I have three more to go…. Thank God it wont be for a while yet though.. I hope it all worked out with fixing your vehicle n house…

  • Ken

    i almost did that a couple of times. thought i was in reverse and wasnt. or thought i was on the brake but it was the gas. easy mistake – dont hold it agaisnt her forever just let her help pay off the damage- Kens wife

  • jellocup

    oh my gosh i am not sure what to say about that, but if i were in that position actually i have know clue .wow thats expensive

  • Jessika

    Hopefully this will have Mommy and Daddy teach her how to drive before releasing her into public!

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  • nerwen_aldarion

    Oh wow. And I thought my sister hitting two mail boxes in a week was bad!

  • splatman

    Back in 96 or so, my Dad asked me to park his Dodge Dakota in the garage. I didn't have a license then. I chickened out, fearing this would happen. Last fall, I almost crashed my car into a rock wall in a car park, mistaking the gas for the brake. Since then, I've assigned my right foot to the gas, and my left to the brake. Haven't confused my feet yet.

    • Bryan Paschke

      so much for ever learning to drive stick, though…

    • Nitroxide

      This is horrible. Learn how to drive properly instead of driving like a maroon with two feet.

      • http://twitter.com/MsJasmineD MsJasmineD

        like a “maroon?” how about you learn how to spell before you try to insult someone, “moron.” you suck tremendously.

        • Nitroxide

          Looks like someone didn't watch enough bugs bunny as a kid.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1680278019 James Price

          Maybe he meant maroon. “…drive properly instead of driving like a shade of red.” Perfectly acceptable.

          • carmachu2

            Apparant everyone forgets their bugs bunny cartoons where Bugs uses that term….

    • D

      Seriously, the issue with 2 footed drivers is they tend to ride the brakes too much, seen people driving up hill with brake lights on….not a good practice.

  • WillowSunstar

    To this day, I still will not park my car in my parents' garage. My dad once parked my car in the garage weirdly. I didn't notice until it was too late and backed out, and the driver's side mirror broke off. Thankfully, I have an apartment of my own and no need to worry about garage parking since I have to park in a lot now.

  • http://twitter.com/picturerazzi Cristine

    I hope they didn't use Home owners Insurance… it can really de-value your house even though its not supposed to.

  • thatsmyfamily


    -Brooke LaCount of South Carolina

  • thatsmyfamily


    -Brooke LaCount of South Carolina


    I drove my mother's bmw of the dealership lot when I was five…opps!!! I can remember her running beside the car telling me to pull the emergency brake!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1628254116 Lisa Renninger

    MY husband thought he would be “helpful” and wash his parents car for them, in hopes that he could use the car that night (he was 17 at the time). He pulled the car out of the garage into the driveway and then “helpfully” closed the garage door so water wouldn’t get inside the garage. You see where this is going….he had not pulled the car out far enough and the garage door slammed into the hood of the car! (this was before the handy-dandy sensors that garage doors have now). And no, he was not allowed to use the car that night.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1468472758 Carol McCormack Stone

    LOL! I know EXACTLY what you mean! Once while I was out on a date, my 13 year old daughter and her friend decided they were going to drive my stick-shift car to Six Flags. I had it parked in 1st gear right outside my garage. When I came home later that night, I noticed my car was not in the driveway, then I noticed a huge hole where my garage door used to be. She had started the car up, not knowing about clutches, and it had gone right through my garage, fortunately being stopped by a metal table or it would have gone completey through the back. She claimed one of her jilted boyfriends whom I had kicked out of my yard (he was 18!) had tried to steal it. I didn’t learn the truth until a few months later.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1436780689 Jimmie McQueen Jr.

    Are you proud or something? Why even post a damned picture of how you let your kids fuck shit up? Speaks a lot about your character. If I were the father, She’d have a hard time getting a license. And she would have to get a job to repair what she destroyed.

  • Bobby Jean

    The youngster was undoubtedly terrified…poor child. I ran over an irrigation fixture trying to make a 3-point turn instead of backing up in Dad’s brand new ’66 Cadillac. Staring at the subsequent 20′ fountain of water and mud, I burst into tears and considered running away …far away. My awesome Dad laughed about it, then gave me a lesson on irrigation systems and plumbing. It is ALWAYS better to treat such a situation with humor and compassion… lesson learned.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brock-Bingington/100002492843741 Brock Bingington

    She is a female, what do you expect?

  • http://twitter.com/Turtle_Dawn CDWilliams

    This is one of those things where you are really mad now but later in life it’ll be a big joke that you won’t let her live down!