Fisheye Lens v. Energetic Toddler


Here’s my personal experience:

  • Brand new 8mm fisheye lens
  • Energetic toddler
  • Taking pictures of said toddler jumping off a rock with said lens
  • Impish Look
  • Jump
  • Clang
  • Scratched lens
  • Camera jammed into bridge of nose hard enough to break the skin
  • Toddler with an expanded vocabulary

Submitted by: James



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  • LitanyofBritt

    This one hurt me the most. My condolences for your damaged lens and face, neither of which are cheaply replaced.

  • Laura Kockelkorn

    I think he did you a favor because you obviously have very poor photographic skills!

    • Blue

      Poor? You kidding me – that action shot was GREAT! 😉

  • Scott

    I love that his shirt says “Victory,” while his expression so clearly says “Defeat.”

  • signevet

    … what were you thinking….? Just curious.

  • eyeo

    Hey, is that a Phaeton?

  • Babs

    OMG this is too funny…

  • Alexis Belk

    Hey, at least you got the shot!

  • M Lange

    UV Filter = Cheap Insurance against lens scratches 😉

  • Michelle Bacho

    Out of ALL the posts I’ve seen, this one made me hurt the most. What we photographers go through to get the shot.