My Bedroom Wall

My 14 year-old “accidentally” did this to my bedroom wall last weekend. Couldn’t have been his OWN wall, oh no!



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  • Melanie Seguin

    Make him repair it. On the other hand, it might be worst after. lol

  • Elizabeth Cosgrove

    I'm with Mel – you break it, you fix it. And . . . If it gets mucked up the first time, do it again. Hey every one need a trade, and sheet rock repair might be his!

  • Kimberly Bryant

    LOL my kids did this to two walls in one day. Not other their room but their unborn brother's room too.


    I love that he smashed in the door knob guard. “Take THAT thoughtfully placed damage control device.” Isn't that what they say? The road to Home Depot is paved with good intentions…

  • Jon Griffith

    Haha! I love how there's a wall protector stuffed in there. Maybe the repair should include a stud behind that little spot.

  • splatman

    I did that when I was 7yo. Slammed my bedroom door open so hard, I made the “damage control device” fall down inside the wall. Reason: Mad at my dad.
    Wall got patched 5 years later.