Pumpkin Pie

Who stole the pumpkin from the pumpkin pie?
Lucy stole the pumpkin from the pumpkin pie.
Who me?
Yes you.
Not me, couldn’t be.

uh… yeah… right



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  • http://twitter.com/mishahogan Michelle K Hogan

    I've had pies that look like this!

  • Lori Brown

    I'd eat it anyway

  • bristolri

    I think she drew a turkey

  • jzumie

    Somewhere in my photo archive is a cake that looks like that.

  • TarynK

    Oh I'd still eat that pie.

  • Nina DiPinto

    if you squint, the design kind of looks like a turkey..:)

  • mehtare

    Take it as a compliment: you make delicious pies! (If indeed you made it.)

  • Miri

    You should read her the story book   The Vanishing Pumpkin by Tony Johnston

    Loved that when I was little. The pumpkin is stolen and turned into a pie.