Nesquik Dust Storm

Caused by 2 little tornadoes!



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  • penelope72

    Next up– the giant thing of oil, and syrup!

  • Carolmommom

    I am so proud that MY grand twins made it on this web site for their big mess! They are champs!!!!

  • dlinding

    Just had a similar incident at my house. My NINE year old put the Nesquik in the refrigerator for some reason. When I asked him to put it where it belongs, he pulled it out of the refrigerator and started shaking it. Of course, the lid wasn't on tight.

  • normoylerules

    Love the little girls face….so innocent lol

  • blazinlonghorn

    Another reason why kitchen cabinet locks were invented! 🙂 I need locks for everything in my house!!

  • aja006

    ahhh, memories… These kids were smart, keep the mess in the kitchen for easy clean up. My first 2 ran through the entire house with it.

  • navywave00

    I have a pic of my daughter at 4 yrs old having done this. Couldn't act mad at her though, seeing how she had gotten the broom out and was desperately trying to clean it up before Mom noticed haha.

  • Kathleen Wray

    I saw this and just thought… “awww shit.” Which is what I think when I see the next mess I have to clean.

  • Miri

    Aww just pour some milk on the floor and hand them each a straw…