Ever operate on an MacBook because the wiring to the screen was poorly designed? And after you deftly remove 50 microscopic screws and laid they out with precise labeling and mapping? And then, when taking a break you leave it alone for a while and your son tries to help? Yeah, it’s the bestest.



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  • http://twitter.com/Don_Livingston Donald Livingston

    I'm sorry, but leaving a disassembled laptop laying unattended anywhere near the vicinity of an inquiring toddler is practically incitement. I can't blame the kid on this one.

    • http://twitter.com/spokehedz Alexander

      I whole-heartedly agree.

      Three major things wrong here:

      1. Left it out where the kid can get access to it.
      2. Not on the workbench.

      I realize that the last two are the same thing, but it was so important–that I thought it was worth mentioning twice.

      • renagade676

        He didn't say it wasn't on the workbench to begin with, and the toddler was probably in the other room when he left it.

        You have to realize – a toddler can do anything. I've caught my son getting in the coat closet and climbing UP A COAT to get to stuff on the top shelf!

    • mommaofboys

      No judgment here! Toddlers are sneaky creatures, and these things happen fast.

  • http://twitter.com/lanielle Lori

    OMG. I have taken my Macbook screen apart before and carefully laid out all the screws. Luckily, I waited until my little troublemaker was in bed. It was worth it even if I had to stay up until the crack of dawn to put it all back together.
    I hate to say it, but 'Lesson learned!'

  • AstridB

    poor laptop… poor dad… your toddler does look really, really sorry though(or really guilty). Chin up, he'll probably be an engineer or something

  • justjack

    OMG, sorry, steve. I totally fell of the chair laughing on this one while simultaneously feeling your pain… More impressive to me is that you (and apparently Lori too) can actually operate on a MacBook?! I once tried to change a 2Gen iPod battery….. and out came a 3G iPod Touch.

  • Babs

    But daddy look at what a good job I did!!!! HA HA