Fruit Loop Fun!

Fruit Loop Fun!



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  • dhoots

    That WAS a Great Value!!!

  • CristalleinKC

    Love the duct taped desk, which I'm sure was also broken by your bundle fo joy:)

  • blazinlonghorn

    Love the little dog poking out!!

  • Abby Bicksler

    While I'm sure it was a big mess to clean up, he just looks SO happy at that moment.

  • Jon Griffith

    The duct tape is the best part about this picture.

  • valegirl1

    Oh ya I had that same thing happen to me just a few weeks ago, and while I was cleaning up the fruit loops, the lucky charms came out! gotta <3 em!

  • splatman

    Kid made such a mess, he scared poor little Toucan Sam clean off the box!
    Looks like the birds got a loopy breakfast. (what else do you do with spilled cereal?)

  • Miri

    One box of cereal $2.00

    One Broom with dust pan $10.00

    Toddler’s moment of pure joy ┬áPriceless