My 27 Year-old Piggy Bank

My mom bought this before I was born. It was on a shelf, my daughter drug a chair over and picked it up and dropped it 🙁



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  • Jada Catling

    i have one just like that, well without the smashed in side 🙁 my daughter isnt allowed near it until she is 18, just like i wasnt allowed near it, back into my room it goes

  • Julian Harris

    Sadly, very symbolic 🙁

  • Dramaqueen89

    I had a symbolic piggy bank too. It was a unique piece and I got it from my grandmother. This time it was the other way round though: my father ruined MY piggy bank. It smashed in A LOT of pieces, but determined me glued it back together 😉 Result looks pretty acceptable, you should try it too 🙂

  • joeprice56

    Totally off topic, so ignore if you like. I noticed the shape of your thumb in this photo. I have the same condition (brachydactyly) in my right thumb, and it took me years to find out that it's well-defined and genetic. There's even a group on Facebook.

  • Daithy

    My 6 year old wanted to know “Did they get the money?!” Yes, she is a huge fan of this site.

  • Miri

    Dollar store discounts or sentimental family items. Kids don’t discriminate they wreck everything equally. Heh.

  • Mike Cui

    Your daughter was drugged over a chair anyways. Without drugs, it would’ve been much better.