The IDEA of ever finishing laundry!

I think my house is slowly being taken over by laundry. I do probably 8 to 9 loads a WEEK! And then fold it all on Saturday and Sunday night. I want my weekend nights back! (Oh and my laundry room to look nice again would be great!)  😀



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  • Julie

    You need flylady. or find her on facebook. Her motto “a load a day keeps mount washmore away” I like that and it’s true. But doing a load of laundry means COMPLETELY doing it. Wash, dry, put away. It really does work!

  • JKitten

    Wow, I do about 5-8 loads of laundry a DAY.
    Now, keep in mind we only have 2 teens, my husband and I in the house.
    (plus 3 cats)

    Nothing EVER stays clean for long.

  • Trish Lee

    Wish I could help ya, but I am in the same position. Doing laundry as I write.

  • Danielle

    i love being single…. 2 loads a week and they are small.
    feel so sorry for you all!!!

    • teakettle

      Agreed! I do one big one each week for myself and the kiddo. It was two, when he was an infant, but thankfully things slowed down. I don't look forward to the days of 3+ loads of laundry a week!

  • Natasha Compton

    I am in the same boat!

  • P

    I do about a load a day, but the clean clothes tend to just pile up in baskets until we get around to sorting. I told my kids that we would all have to go naked for a couple of days until I got it all done and put away, and then we could start over.

  • SunnySouthTexas

    I taught my kids, at about the age of 10, to do their own laundry. Dear Hubby does his own, too. This leaves me with my ONE load per week, plus the linens …

    Empower them! And save your sanity!! 😀

    • Barbara Jacques

      Couldn't agree more. My kids are 6, 10, and 13. The 6 year old empties the dryer, 10 year old empties the washer into the dryer, and the 13 year old starts the next load. I fold it while I watch TV (after they're in bed).

  • mendesmama7

    I laugh at the people who have “laundry days” every day is laundry day here and I never am DONE. 5-10 loads a day, for 7 people (5 kids 4 who are under 4, and an 11yr old).

    • GammaGM

      I have five kids, too. I feel your pain.

      • mrsatrain

        Me too…five kids between 2 and 7! I hate the ironing though!!!!

  • prettybaby25

    I have 2 laundry rooms – one upstairs and one on the 1st floor. I do about 4 loads EVERY DAY but it only takes 45 mins..I highly recommend anyone with more than 4 kids having 2 sets…

  • Sinopa

    I only have one load a week, how many times do you guys change your clothes a day??

  • Baroness Schrader

    My oldest is leaving for college in 3 weeks, and the thought that is foremost in my head, is that someone else will be washing the dirty football uniform (my God, especially those socks). Thank God for small favors!

  • Baroness Schrader

    My oldest is leaving for college in 3 weeks, and the thought that is foremost in my head, is that someone else will be washing the dirty football uniform (my God, especially those socks). Thank God for small favors!

  • mama505

    My husband and I also fold each night when we watch TV. I limit myself to only running 2 loads/day(some days less), that way the folding and putting away only takes 10-15 min.

    The only way I was able to do this was to shrink my kids' (3 of them) wardrobes down to 6 seasonal outfits each and 2 pairs of pjs. They don't care that they have to wear the same things over and over. Maybe once they are teenagers they will, so I do this while I can still get away with it.

    Good luck!

  • Mary

    1st I gotta say, organized hampers HELP! My 2.5 yr old is trained to take his dirty laundry to his own hamper before he gets his bath–so does my husband. Thankfully my husband does his own laundry and dry cleans his dress clothes too–he sometimes does mine when he's in the mood. All laundry is done in one day–SUNDAYs. I guess my son has enough clothes to last him 2 weeks without doing a laundry, but I just HATE overflowing laundry hampers, so his laundry gets done on Sundays too. My son helps me with sorting the socks, it sometimes consumes time, but it is a start involving him with the laundry which he will later do on his own and hopefully without hesitation!

    Final thought: I think if you just pick one day a week to do this chore it works out.

  • Mary94523

    I bought a laundry basket for every family member – 2 boys shared clothing so they got one basket.

    Put names on baskets.

    As I took the laundry out of the dryer, I tossed it into the appropriate basket.

    That was the basics covered – clean clothes – and sorted.

    When time permitted, I would fold and put away my husbands clothes. If I couldn't get to it – he knew where his basket was.

    As they grew – they were able to take care of their own baskets – folding and putting away.

    Then, joy,joy, the day will come when you can teach them how to work the washing machine and dryer.

  • Melanie

    only 8 or 9 loads a week? Lucky you!! When I'm rich (haha) I'm going to hire someone to wash & dry all our clothes. I'll be able to solve world peace with all the spare time on my hands…..

  • GammaGM

    I do 3-4 loads a DAY. So I don't want to hear any whining.

  • GammaGM

    I do 3-4 loads of laundry a DAY. So I don't want to hear any whining.

  • Darren

    This is nothing! I have five children and a husband, times this by 100 for me and I am not joking. I understand a mail man going postal! It never ends! My oldest is only 8 so I have a long time to do at least this laundry daily….wash, dry, fold, and put away and repeat!

  • LakewoodMommy

    My children are so helpful-they will put their clean clothes back into the hamper because they don't want to put them AWAY. You can see that they're still folded. Today the eleven year old was trying-he took the towels out of the dryer and then they sat on the couch for three hours. I guess they needed to 'rest.' Sigh.

  • Krista

    My 11 and 9 yr olds can do their own laundry. They have been assigned one day a week each. They put it in in the morning, switch it later (or after school), then it's done before bed time so they can put it away. I assigned myself, and my 5 yr old a day too, he gathers up his and helps. Hubby does his own. That leaves a day for towels and sheets.

  • J. M.

    I do not do my children's laundry past when they can stand on a stool to reach the knobs 🙂 I'm a mean mom, but now I have 16, 14 and 4 and even the 4 year old can get his laundry out of the dryer and help fold it, plus he always puts it away (if not neatly, it's still put away). And my hubby…well, he does his laundry AND mine!

  • BeQui

    I started doing my own laundry (and washing dishes and cleaning the bathroom) at 8. Now it's me, my husband, and our 2 year-old and I can't keep up. I have no idea how my husband can go through clothes (and dishes!) so fast, but it's 8 or more loads a week! Forget the toddler, she's happy to hang out in a diaper all day! (Our house is very hot, so this is not neglect. 😉 ) And I wear the same 2 pairs of pants all week. The only thing I'm changing are T-shirts and underwear.

  • Tania505

    My kids and hubby do their own laundry as well. Sometimes they ruin stuff or they smell like mildew or sheep, but at least I'm off the hook for it. If they ruin it it's their fault and their problem.

  • Babs

    wow all you ladies have wonderful ideas about laundry… I think I'm going try some of these ideas!!! :O)

  • Herrin Res

    Looks familiar, 7 people in my house with kids ranging from 7 to 18 and you betcha they help do the laundry, this is a typical day, 3 loads per day, at least. I want my sanity back, then we'll get to the weekends!

  • Sonali

    Looks better than our laundry room – where clothes go to die…

  • Jess P

    Ahahahahah! I’m laughing at the posting about hating ironing! I don’t even know where my iron is! hahahahaha!

  • April

    i wash three loads a day my one and five year old loads and unloads the dryer i do the rest because my husband,sister in law, and brother in law work and my ten year old goes to school